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disregard for reality.” Daily News “A cheerful, tuneful, deeply sentimental American musical.” Michael Billington, Guardian CAST: M 13 F 14 Extras (27 parts, 8 principals, reporters and photographers, 9 singers.) Edsel Mockey, storyteller (can be the bandleader). Mona Stangley, 40-ish, attractive madam, hard but with a heart, sings. Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd, towering actor, joins in one song. Shy, Angel, Doatsey Mae, and Imogene Charlene, featured roles for attractive girls who sing and dance. Jewel, black torch singer has lines, dances. Melvin P. Thorpe, fanatical character man. Large sing/dance chorus. Total cast 45-60. ORCHESTRATION Piano/Conductor, Reed*, Trumpet*, Trombone*, Violin (doubles Viola), Guitar I, Guitar II, Bass, Drums. * = optional PERIOD AND COSTUMES: Texas, the fall of 1973. Bright coloured, loose gowns for Mona’s girls, assorted casual clothes, lots of Western boots and 10-gallon hats, Mona’s day dresses and nightclub-type evening gowns, sheriffs uniform jacket and gun belt, stereotyped bright-coloured Western suits for mayor, governor, and other Texas businessmen, matching satin shirts and jeans for the band members, outrageous jewelled suits and white wig for Melvin P. Thorpe, good-looking off-duty sports outfits for all girls, football uniforms. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Prologue - Solo Girl Singer, The Rio Grande Band 2. 20 Fans - Mona Stangley, the Girls, the Cowboys, Farmer, Shy Kid, Miss Wulla Jean, Travelling Salesman, Slick Dude, Choir 3. A Lil Ole Bitty Pissant Country Place - Mona Stangley, the Girls 4. Girl You’re a Woman - Mona Stangley, Shy, Jewel, the Girls 5. Watch Dog Theme - Melvin P. Thorpe, the Dogettes 6. Texas Has a Whorehouse in It - Melvin P. Thorpe, the Thorpe Singers, the Dogettes 7. Twenty-Four Hours of Lovin’ - Jewel, the Girls 8. Watchdog Theme (reprise) - The Dogettes 9. Texas Has a Whorehouse in It (reprise) - Melvin P. Thorpe, the Dogettes, Mayor Rufus Pointdexter, Scruggs, Edsel McKey, Doatsy Mae, Townspeople 10. Doatsey Mae - Doatsy Mae 11. Angelette March - Imogene Charlene, the Angelettes 12. The Aggie Song - The Aggies 13. Bus from Amarillo - Mona Stangley 14. The Sidestep - Scruggs, Photographer, Mayor Rufus Pointdexter, Melvin P. Thorpe, the Dogettes, Melvin Thorpe Singers 15. No Lies - Mona Stangley, Jewel, the Girls 16. Good Ole Girl - Sheriff Ed Earl Dodd, the Aggies 17. Hard Candy Christmas - Amber, Linda Lou, Ginger, Imogene Charlene, Ruby Rae, Beatrice 18. Hard Candy Christmas (reprise) - The Girls