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dow. Bernarda returns and sends all to bed. She is supremely confident that all is well within her house. She is on guard. Nothing will happen and all of Poncia’s warnings are of nothing. She goes off to bed. The dogs are heard barking outside. Someone has entered the yard. Bernarda’s mother, Maria Josepha appears, once again escaped from her confinement. She sings a lullaby to an imaginary baby and encounters Adela, who is secretly going to her lover, Pepe, outside. As the rest of the household sleeps fitfully, Adela meets and makes love to Pepe. Martirio discovers her sister who is now no longer a virgin. Adela realises that Martirio loves Pepe, too, and begs her sister to forgive her, that she is not to blame: she cannot repress her need or desire, none of them can or should be forced to. Martirio betrays Adela and screams for their mother. The household wakes and Bernarda faces down Adela, who rebels against her mother’s tyranny. When it is discovered that Pepe el Romano is still in the yard, Bernarda runs out, calling for her gun. Martirio follows. A gunshot is heard. Bernarda and Martirio re-enter. “May Pepe el Romano rest in peace,” declares Martirio. Adela, in sorrow, exits to her room. But Pepe is not dead. Martirio has said this to punish Adela. A sound is heard from Adela’s room. The women rush to her door but it’s locked. They pound on it, breaking it down, discovering that Adela has hanged herself. The women cry in grief. Bernarda calls for silence, insisting that they tell the world her daughter died a virgin. In silence, the house of Bernarda Alba folds in on its shadows. CAST • Bernarda Alba • Her daughters: Angustias, Magdalena, Amelia, Martirio, Adela • Her mother: Maria Josepha • Her household: • Poncia, Young Maid, Servant • Her neighbour: Prudencia MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Prologue - Poncia, Women 2. The Funeral - Bernarda, Women 3. On the Day That I Marry - Young Maid, Bernarda, Poncia, Servant 4. Bernarda’s Prayer - Bernarda 5. Love, Let Me Sing You - Amelia, Martirio, Magdalena, Adela, Servant 6. Let Me Go To the Sea - Maria Josepha, Women 7. Magdalena - Magdalena 8. Angustias - Angustias, Women 9. Amelia - Amelia, Young Maid, Servant 10. Martirio - Martirio 11. Adela - Adela, Daughters 12. I Will Dream of What I Saw - Women 13. Poncia - Poncia 14. Limbrada’s Daughter - Bernarda, Women 15. One Moorish Girl - Young Maid, Servant, Poncia 16. The Smallest Stream - Bernarda 17. The Mare and the Stallion - Daughters 18. Lullaby - Maria Josepha 19. Open the Door - Adela, Women 20. Finale - Bernarda ORCHESTRATION Bass, Cello I, Cello II, Guitar, Harp, Percussion, Reed, Viola Original Cast Recording