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for the theft. He does not believe them and can’t imagine who else would be responsible for it. Sally screams; an Adder has bitten her. The poison will kill her if they don’t do something quick. One of the Boswell boys can help her and they bargain that if these accusations be left alone, he will do just that. Fowler agrees and he saves Sally by treating the bite. Fowler agreed that they could stay and now believes that perhaps they are not responsible for stealing. He wonders who it could be. One of the boys tells him about Black Amos. He used to be a Gypsy but was kicked out of the tribe for killing their mother. Last week at a fair he took her for a ride in a fancy wagon and went too fast. She fell out and her dress got caught under the wheel. They know he is back here and would plant to box under their trailer. Ben speaks up then and points the finger at Rupert and his friend. He saw them plant the box. Rupert is backed into a corner and confesses. The Ballad Singer sings of honour again and how Ben spoke honourably and courageously but honour will bring him down. The concert is in full swing and everyone is drinking and celebrating after a difficult day. Anna sneaks out to go meet Ben. Ben is running Amos out of the camp. Amos keeps on saying how things have come full circle but Ben will not listen. Amos leaves and Anna enters. Ben pulls out a red dress and hands it to her. It is his mother’s wedding dress and today is the anniversary of his parents wedding. He tells Anna to put it on but she is frightened. Their lives are too different and she is not as serious about their vows as he is. The concert party continues as someone rushes in and whispers to Fowler that all the silver from the church has been stolen. Anna is in the red dress and Ben leads her to the altar. His brothers perform a Gypsy wedding ceremony and Anna and Ben light candles. The party is still carrying on as Rupert rushes in looking for his father. He announces to everyone that the Boswell’s trailer is on fire. The two brothers and Ben, scorched, stand there. Ben is holding Anna’s dead body in his arms. He speaks, deadpan to her. He says that it is the oldest tradition of the Gypsies to burn the entire trailer with all their possessions when someone dies. His mother can now rest in peace; the trailer and Anna are burning. The scene suddenly cuts back to the same exact scene from the beginning with Anna in the Fortune Teller’s tent.The Fortune Teller repeats her fortune for Anna and finishes by saying, “May God protect you my dear.” PRINCIPALS: - 9 female, 21 male • Abel - Son • Alfred - The Father • Andrew Parker - a school friend of Rupert • Anna - Daughter • Ballad Singer • Bendigo - Son • Black Amos - an itinerant gypsy • Brickie - her brother • Charlie - Son • Cinderella - Daughter • Dominic - Son • Doris - The Mother • Elsie Fisher • George Fowler - Farmer • Gypsy Woman • Jack - her brother • Jago - Son • Jimmy - Son • Lizzie Wheeler • Local Children • Mr. Jellicoe - the “lolly” man and Choirmaster • Nathaniel - Son • Nelson - The Father • P C Merryweather - the local policeman • Polly - the Cousin • Reg - Son • Reverend Wilkins - the local vicar • Ron - Son • Rupert - George’s Son • Sally - Daughter • Supplista - Daughter MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Ballad - Ballad Singers 2. The Fields Of Kent - Ballad Singer, Company 3. Hopping Time - Company, Ballad Singer 4. Let’s All Go Down The Strand - Harris Family 5. We Live In The Strand - Doris, Harris Family 6. Hopping Is All Over - Doris, Harris Family 7. Down In the Green Gardens Of Kent - Doris, Harris Family 8. Hopping Knees Up - Jellicoe, Company 9. All Through Mi Rakli - Solo Gipsy, Boswell & Harris Families 10. The Early Sun - Solo, Company 11. Hopper Wedding March - Company 12. Here Comes The Groom - Choir 13. Praise To The Spotless - Choir 14. The Lament - Dominic 15. Why Am I Always The Bridesmaid? - Doris, Harris Family, Company 16. The Early Sun - Elsie, Company 17. The Gipsy Dance - Orchestra 18. The Kentish Hop (Country Dance) - Orchestra