Shows B

Janine, teenage girl who sings. Other principals have minor roles. Ben carries almost everything. Large chorus of 20 to 30 members. Total cast, 30-50. SCENES AND SETS: Prologue, 2 acts, 14 scenes, 7 full sets, 3 drops (including one that rolls off batten to give the illusion of a balloon ascending), and the balloon. ACT I Prologue Scene 1: The Docks. Scene 2: Versailles. Scene 3: A Paris Street. Scene 4: Ben’s House. Scene 5: The Park. Scene 6: Sky Over Paris. Scene 7: The Pont Neuf. Scene 8: Paris town. Scene 9: The Pont Neuf. Scene 10: Ben’s House. Scene 11: The Vineyards ACT II Scene 1: The Spanish Embassy. Scene 2: A Paris Street. Scene 3: Versailles. Scene 4: Diane’s House. Scene 5: Ben’s House. Scene 6: Versailles. PERIOD AND COSTUMES: France, 1776-77: Powdered wigs, satin hoop skirts, breeches, vests, and long coats befitting the French court. Sailor outfits, maiden dresses, monks’ robes, more casual dress for the townsfolk, and a large plaster cast for Ben’s leg. CHOREOGRAPHY: Mostly choreographed movement, some soft shoe, waltz, and precision marching extending into some dance rhythms. Frolic when Ben gets the Spanish ambassador drunk at the monks’ abbey. Lighting and special effects: Ascending balloon with its two passengers. Versatile lighting equipment. Exterior lightning and thunderstorm. Original Broadway Cast Recording Libretto