Shows B

ORIGINAL CAST (in order of appearance): Lizzie Fields: LIZ CALLAWAY. Danny Hooper: TODD GRAFF. Arlene MacNally: BETH FOWLER. Alan MacNally: JAMES CONGDON. Pam Sakarian: CATHERINE COX. Nick Sakarian: MARTIN VIDNOVIC. Nurse: Barbara Gilbert. Doctor: John Jellison. Mr. Weiss: Philip Hoffman. Dean Webber: Dennis Warning. Mr. Hart: Dennis Warning. Intern: Lon Hoyt. First Woman: Judith Thiergaard. Second Woman: Lisa Robinson. Third Woman: Kirsti Carnahan. Fourth Woman: Barbara Gilbert. Fifth Woman: Judith Thiergaard. Sixth Woman: Kim Criswell. People in the Town: Kirsti Carnahan, Kim Criswell, Barbara Gilbert, Philip Hoffman, Lon Hoyt, John Jellison, Lisa Robinson, Judith Thiergaard, Dennis Warning. Swings: Judith Bliss, Michael Waldron. SCENES AND SETTINGS: The action takes place at the present time from March until November. Act 1 Scene 1: A College Town. March to early April. Scene 2: Danny and Lizzie's Apartment. Early April. Scene 3: Alan and Arlene's Bedroom. Scene 4: Nick and Pam's Bedroom. Scene 5: A Doctor's Witing Room. Mid-April. Scene 6: The Track. Scene 7: On the Campus. Scene 8: A Doctor's Office. Early May. Scene 9: A Baseball Field. Scene 10: Alan and Arlene's Bedroom. Scene 11: A Bus Station. Mid-May. Scene 12: Alan and Arlene's House. Scene 13: Nick and Pam's Bedroom. Scene 14: Graduation. Early June. Scene 15: Danny and Lizzie's Apartment. Mid-July. Act 2 Scene 1: The Town. Late August. Scene 2: A Doctor's Office. Early September. Scene 3: On the Campus. Scene 4: Nick and Pam's Bedroom. Scene 5: Alan and Arlene's Porch.