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Cover to cast recordingUnder the Bridge

A musical in 2 acts. Book and lyrics by Kathie Lee Gifford, Music by David Pomeranz, based on the book The Family Under the Bridge by Natalie Savage Carlson

Zipper Theatre, Off-Broadway; Preview: December 1, 2004; opened 6th: January, 2005; closed 20th February, 2005. (54 performances)



Armand is a hobo who lives in Paris, under a bridge. He begs and does odd jobs for money to take care of himself and buy food. One day he finds a mother and her three children in his "home", under the bridge. At first he is gruff and unhappy about sharing the bridge, but in time he begins to like and help care for this poor homeless family. As Christmas nears, the children ask for nothing except a home of their own and Armand comes up with a plan to make their wish come true.

Musical Numbers

  1. Paris
  2. You Will Meet With Adventure Today
  3. Half a Dream
  4. Under the Bridge
  5. The Marriage of Lady Tartine
  6. It Was My Bridge
  7. This House Where We Live
  8. Do-Gooders Lament
  9. What Might Have Been
  10. This Is the Gypsy life!
  11. What Kind of Mother Am I?
  12. This Is the Gypsy Life (reprise)
  13. He Is With You
  14. Christmas Is Everyone's Holiday
  15. The Sum of a Man
  16. As Long As We Have Us
  17. A Clean Start
  18. Something Called Love
  19. Finale


Scenes and Settings

Time: 1953. Place: Paris.