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Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde

Book, music & lyrics by Mike Read.

Director Mike Read
Costumes Deborah Bowen Lighting Paddy Crawley Sound Nick Green
Musical Director Steve lnnes-Etherington
Assistant director Peter Kosta

Shaw Theatre, London - 19 October, 2004 (1 perf)


Peter Blake - Oscar Wilde
Anita Louise Combe - Constance Wilde
Sarah Redmond - Vyvyan Wilde
Frank Owen - Cyril Wilde
Jonathan Tatum - Lord Alfred Douglas (Bosie)
Jon De Ville - Reporter
Christopher Corcoran - Marquess of Queensberry
Michael Strassen - Robbie Ross/Actor
Craig Nicholls - Reggie Turner/Auctioneer
Jon De Ville - Sir Frederick Gill/ Sir Edward Carson/Actor
Frank Owen - Boys in Court
Michael Strassen - Judges
Sarah Redmond - Foreman/Prostitute/Nellie Melba

Other parts played by members of the company


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An example:

"In 1895 Oscar Wilde was sentenced to two years hard labour. A more cruel and unusual punishment has been devised by Mike Read - a musical of exquisite awfulness" - London Evening Standard.

"The sound system is being affected by the hefty rumbling of Oscar Wilde turning in his grave" - Elisabeth Mahoney, The Guardian