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Original cast album DRG 12608

Nunsense II

The Second Coming

Book, Music & Lyrics by Dan Coggin

Seven Angels Theatre, Waterbury, CT - 20 November, 1992

Nunsense II: The Second Coming is the sequel to the international hit Nunsense. The same five nuns are back on stage at Mt. Saint Helen's School for what is billed as a "Thank you, Programme" for their supporters. Forced to work round the set of The Mikado (being presented next week by the local music society) they decide to stick to their successful formula and present a variety show.


The show opens to "Nunsense, the Magic Word" and then there is a high-speed recapitulation of what happened during the Nuns' first show. This is narrated by Sister Mary Hubert and acted out in silent-film-style by Sisters Robert Anne, Mary Paul (Amnesia) and Merry Leo (a novice whose ambition is to the the first nun ballerina), this is capped off by the upbeat "Winning is Just the Beginning".

The programme proceeds with Sister Mary Paul (known as Amnesia ever since a crucifix hit her on the head and she lost her memory) running a bingo game in which something goes wrong and the entire audience wins at once.

The variety show continues with Sister Mary Leo (now on roller skates) and the other nuns performing "The Biggest Still Ain't Best".

Reverend Mother considers everything is going well and introduces Sister Mary Paul in sequined scapular and cowboy boots as the newest country-singing sensation. The telephone rings. Sister Mary Leo answers and discovers that the Franciscans are on their way to the convent to claim Sister Mary Paul as one of their own!

Sister Robert Anne tries to reason with the Franciscans. Reverend Mother regales the audience with tales of her days in the circus, followed by the rest of the nuns as they perform "The Padre Polka", a please for women priests.

To try and briefly describe the action in the second half of the programme would try the patience of any Reverend Mother but after numbers such as "We're the Nuns to Come When You Go", "What Would Elvis Do?", "I Am Here To Stay", "What a Catastrophe", "No One Cared Like You" and the rousing gospel finale "There's Only One Way To End Your Prayers" along with possible nun-napping, theft, impersonation and other riotous mayhem, the show comes to an hilarious conclusion.

Musical Numbers:

  1. Angeline
  2. The Biggest Still Ain't the Best
  3. The Classic Queens
  4. The Country Nun
  5. A Hat and Cane Song
  6. I Am Here To Stay
  7. I've Got Pizazz
  8. Jubilate Deo / Nunsense the Magic Word
  9. Look Ma, I Made It
  10. No One Cared Like You
  11. The Padre Polka
  12. The Prima Ballerina
  13. There's Only One Way To End YOur Prayers
  14. We're the Nuns to Come To
  15. What Would Elvis Do?
  16. Winning Is Just the Beginning
  17. Yes, We Can


Male - 3 : Female 5: plus dancers and Chorus


Piano, Synthesizer; Percussion


Original Cast - DRG 12608