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Newsical: All the Stuff That's Fit to Spoof

Cover to cast recording

A Musical revue in 2 Acts: Music and lyrics by Rick Crom

Upstairs at Studio 54, Off-Broadway. Previewed from 17th September, 2004 (30 previews). Opened 7th October, 2004. Closed 17 April, 2005. (215 performances)


Newsical takes its material from the current events and the headlines that proclaim them. The evolving work featured updated songs and material each week making the whole show a new experience each month. As it said in the promotional literature, "depending on how active our celebrities and politicians have been in making asses of themselves".

Original Cast

Musical Numbers

  1. Everyone's Full of S*&T
  2. Dubya We Love Ya
  3. Felt Up At the Airport
  4. What About Me
  5. I Must Have Been Stoned
  6. My Political Opinion
  7. Arnold and the Kennedys
  8. I Just Came to Say I'm Gay
  9. Martha Stewart the Musical
  10. Prozac Ritalin Trimspa
  11. Too Much Botox
  12. Dr Phil
  13. Not the Man I Married
  14. Hooters Air
  15. America Online
  16. Anna Nicole
  17. I'm An Animal
  18. Michael and Peter
  19. Nobody Messes With Liza
  20. Denial


Piano and Drums