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Murderous Instincts

Book and lyrics by CINDA FOX Music by ALBERTO CARRION
Presented by Manny Fox.

Director Murray Melvin Syd Ralph
Decor Dinah England
Lighting Matthew Eagland
Sound Rick Clarke
Choreography Jhesus Aponte
Musical Director Milton Sesenton

Savoy Theatre, London - 7 October, 2004 (3 perfs)


Edwina, glamorous widow of the late rum tycoon, Bradford Buckingham, is awaiting the return of her children in the wake of their father's death. Summoned with their spouses to the luxurious, palm-lined Buckingham mansion, the couples arrive with quiet trepidation, each desperate to claim their share of the vast estate.

But the family reunion soon collapses into frenzied turmoil with the sudden disappearance of their mother. As the mystery unravels, a string of forbidden secrets, lost dreams, and deeply-rooted fears are exposed in a dynamic whirlwind of lust, obsession, jealousy and greed.


Bradford Buckingham - Deceased
Nichola McAuliffe - Edwina Buckingham
Arvid Larsen - Colin Buckingham
Sarah Ingram - Felicia
Natalie O'Donnell - Lauren Buckingham
Ben Goddard - Juan
Chris Frampton - Christopher Buckingham
Simon Clarke - Tweedman
Jonathan D Ellis - Miguel
Kevin Colson - Adolfo
Jhesus Aponte - Enrique
Janet Fuentes Torres - Graciela
Tim Hodge - Cesar
Rebecca Sutherland - Maria
John Capes - Homeless Man

Household staff - Philip Coyle, Ross Finnie, Andrew Gowland, Tania Newton, Lucy Williamson, Shona White

Swing - Y Rafael Del Basto, Eva Huryehova, Abbey Rae, Ralph Sebastian


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favourable 2
mixed 2
unfavourable 2
pan 7