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Marilyn - the Musical

Musical in 2 acts. Music by Mort Garson; lyrics and book by Jacques Wilson.

Adelphi Theatre, 17 March 1983. (156 perfs)


Rather waspishly described by Ned Sherrin as: “ an undiscovered recitation of all the well-known landmarks of Monroe’s life, inelegantly expressed to halting, derivative musak” – the foster home, the nude modelling, the “agent who had faith”, vulgar Hollywood moguls, mother’s madness, husbands DiMaggio and Miller, and finally death with telephone dangling.

Musical Numbers

  1. Did You Know Marilyn Monroe?
  2. I Am Camera
  3. Somebody Will Love Me
  4. What Do We Do with the Girl?
  5. Can You Hear Me Mania?
  6. The Most Beautiful Girl of Them All
  7. 8 X 10 Glossies
  8. Where Do You Want Me?
  9. I Never Knew a Girl Like Her Before
  10. Seeing Other Men
  1. Come and Get it Girl
  2. It Happens
  3. The Man Has Got an Eye
  4. I Can See Myself Very Clearly
  5. To Love Somebody
  6. Then the Town Comes Down on Your Head
  7. I'm Going Public
  8. So Happy to See Me
  9. Who's That Girl?
  10. How Do You Like It?
  1. Bigger than Life
  2. A Girl Like You Needs a Little Protection
  3. There's So Much to Do in New York
  4. Dumb Blonde
  5. The Wedding: The Scene Will Play
  6. Beautiful Child
  7. It Was Not Meant to Be
  8. Somewhere a Phone Is Ringing.

Original Cast