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Lady Day: A Musical Tragedy

Lady Day

A Musical Tragedy in 2 acts by Aishah Rahman; Music, Archie Shepp; Additional Music, Stanley Cowell, Cal Massey

Academy of Music Brooklyn, Off Broadway - Opened 25th October, 1972: Closed 5th November, 1972 (32 performances)

Musical Numbers

  1. No My Darling
  2. Lover Man
  3. In the Spring of the Year 1915
  4. Song of Fate
  5. Looking for Someone to Love
  6. Billie's Blues
  7. He's Gone
  8. Strange Fruit
  9. Beware Scat Song
  10. Blues for the Lady
  11. America on Her Back
  12. Enough
  13. God Bless the Child
  14. A Year and a Day
  15. I Know 'Bout the Life
  16. What Would It Be Without You,
  17. Professional Friends Duet
  18. I Cried Like a Baby
  19. Song to a Loved One


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Scenes & Settings

The action takes place yesterday, today, but not tomorrow in the eye of the Black Nation.