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Joy Bells

Revue devised by Albert de Courville. Music and Lyrics: H.G. Pether, Rupert Hazell, Oliver Wallace, Harold Weeks, et al.

London Hippodrome, 25 March 1919 (723 perfs)

The Cast included:

Fred Allandale, Phyllis Bedells, Anita Elson, Leon Errol, Shirley Kellogg, Daphne Pollard, George Robey

Programme included:

  1. Unfinished Melody
  2. Holiday Girls
  3. Goodbye, Khaki
  4. Oh, You Wonderful Bird
  5. Wishing for You
  6. My Cushion Girl
  7. Operatic Jazzing Ball
  8. Joy Bells
  9. I Mean to Say
  10. Doff
  11. The Story of My Life

Musical Director: Julian Jones