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Bab Drawings - Iolanthe

Description: Fairy Queen on her knees to Private Willis
Associated line: Queen: {To Fairies] Now there is a man whose physical attributes are simply godlike.




Description: Lord Chancellor throwing dust in a juryman's eyes

Associated line: I'll never throw dust in a juryman's eyes (Said I to myself - said I),






Description: A young couple walking away with their arms around each other while the Lord Chancellor gathers up his robes and walks away

Associated line: Which is exasperating for A highly susceptible Chancellor!



Description: A Peer sitting in the stocks
Associated line: The House of Peers, throughout the war, Did nothing in particular, And did it very well:








Description: The Lord Chancellor dancing with two young ladies

Associated line: For I'm not so old, and not so plain, And I'm quite prepared to marry again,





Description: Wellington standing over Boneaparte ready to thrash him

Associated line: When Wellington thrashed Bonaparte, As every child can tell,




Captain Shaw using a fire hose to quench a Fairy who is blowing the water back

Associated line: Oh, Captain Shaw! Type of true love kept under! Could thy Brigade With cold cascade Quench my great love, I wonder!