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(Up to Date or Very Near It)

An operatic extravaganza in 3 acts 9 scenes. Words by R.A. Barnet. Music by Carl Pflueger

Opened 15 May, 1893 at Palmer's Theatre and closed 1 July 1893 for summer holiday; re-opened 26 August 1893 at Palmer's Theatre; Second Edition opened 5 February 1894 at the Garden Theatre; revised version opened 27 August 1894 at the Garden Theatre for 52 performances; production closed 13 October 1894 after a total of 452 performances.


(with the names of the original players)

Ferdinand of Aragon, King of Spain: WALTER JONES
Charley Tatters, a fringe on the edge of the crust of society: WALTER JONES.
Alonzo de Quintanilla, royal treasurer: EDWARD M. FAVOR.
Don Juan, the King's son, aged four: W. H. Sloan.
Felix, of the tribe of coppers: W. H. Sloan.
Captain Martin Pinzon, Don Pedro Margerite, Conspirators of the old-fashioned type: CHARLES F. WALTON, JOHN C. SLAVIN.
Charles VIII, King of France: Louis de Smith.
Don Ferdinand Allegro: Yolande Wallace.
Adolphus Fitznoodle, a regular chappie, up-to-date: YOLANDE WALLACE.
Maid Mabel, a sailor lassie: YOLANDE WALLACE.
Maid Marion, a sailor lassie:
Eileen Karl. The Royal Herald: Eileen Karl.
Ward Knickerbocker, cacique of the 400: C. J. Alden.
Jim Confidence, of the tribe of buncoes: C. J. Alden.
Bob, a New York newsboy: James Lee.
Erasmus, a vender of maize: Frederic Howard.
Isabella of Castille, Queen of Spain: RICHARD HARLOW.
Fraülein, a German waif: THERESA VAUGHN.
Infanta Joanna, in love with Columbus: THERESA VAUGHN.
Infanta Catalina, her sister: HATTIE WILLIAMS.
Mary Ann Kehoe of the Royal Household of the new world: EDITH SINCLAIR.
Christopher Columbus: MARK SMITH.

Courtiers, Ladies, Peasants, Students, Ballet, Amazons, Newsboys, Moors, Sailors, Bull Fighters, Soldiers, Pages, Standard Bearers, Casino Girls, etc.

Scenes and Settings

Act 1:

Throne Chamber in the King's Palace. Act Drop: Exterior of the World's Fair.

Act 2

Scene 1: On the Ocean.
Scene 2: Vision. The Discovery of America, 1492.
Scene 3: The Progress of Enlightenment.
Scene 4: The Real Discovery of Columbus.
Scene 5: The Statue of Liberty, New York Harbour. (
Scene 6: Columbus returns to Earth. Discovery of Madison Square, 1892.

Act Drop: Entrance to the World's Fair.

Act 3

Scene 1: Royal Kitchen in the Palace.
Scene 2: Spanish Palace up to date. Changing to the new electrical scene, The Ideal Home of Columbus.

Musical Numbers

  1. Opening Chorus - "Give us cash, give us cash"
  2. The Treasurer's Song (arranged from Genée) (Quintanilla with Chorus) - "What provokes a gladsome smile"
  3. DUET - (Joanna and Columbus) - "I've dared to whisper that I love thee"
  4. The King's Song - (King with Chorus) - "You all think dignity does pervade royalty"
  5. a) GRAND PROCESSIONAL & BALLET (Chorus) - "Ferdinand of Aragon"
    b) Queen's Song - (Queen & Chorus) "Isabella is a sov'reign of notoriety"
  6. SPANISH DANCE (wr. by Aberano Colon)
  7. FINALE Act 1 - (Chorus & Queen) - "Adios bella Hispania"
  8. COLUMBUS' VISION - (Columbus & chorus (off)) - "Toss'd and shaken by the billows of the deep"
  9. CHORUS OF NEWSBOYS - (Newsboys) - "Herald, Tribune and Times"
  11. CASINO GIRLS' CHORUS - "We are careless chorus maidens"
  12. FINALE ACT II - "Our national song, what is it?"
  13. BARCAROLLE (arr. from a Spanish air) - "Ye mariners of Spain, bring back my love again"
  14. VOCAL MARCH - RETURN OF COLUMBUS - "Onward, onward with great pomp and show"
    b) SOLO
    c) Finale
  17. FINALE - (Columbus, Joanne & company) - "Now the prize is mine"