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Revue originally devised by Davy Burnaby. Music and Lyrics: Melville Gideon, Clifford Grey, Irving Berlin, Philip Braham, Vivian Ellis, William Helmore, Ivy St Helier, Laddie Cliff, Austin Melford, Greatrex Newman, Arthur Schwartz, Clifford Seyler, et al.

1st Season: Royalty Theatre, London - 27 June 1921 (500 perfs)

Between 1921 and 1935 there were eight editions of the show featuring the following cast members, not all of whom appeared in each production:


Davy Burnaby, Betty Chester, Gilbert Childs, Laddie Cliff, Mimi Crawford, Melville Gideon, Stanley Holloway, Mary Leigh, Elsa Macfarlane, Austin Melford, Phyllis Monkman, Herbert Mundin, Elsie Randolph, Cyril Ritchard, Babs Valerie, Clifford Witley

The Programmes were selected from the following:

  1. Tampa Bay (Gideon-Cliff)
  2. Sing a happy song (Gideon-Cliff)
  3. Ghost of a chance (Gideon-Grey-Cliff)
  4. Wild man of Borneo
  5. Don't let 'em scrap the British Navy (Gideon-Weston)
  6. Isadore (Fisher-Rice)
  7. We'll go to church on Sunday (Gideon-Adams-Arthurs)
  8. Conversation (Hedley)
  9. Clocks
  10. A little bit of this and a little bit of that
  11. Shopping (Gideon-Seyler)
  12. Sea fever
  13. Down love lane (Gideon)
  14. The missus and I
  15. Dream days
  16. Burnt sugar (A triple rag) (Gideon)
  17. If Winter comes (Gideon-Grey)
  18. Meanderin'
  19. Amapu (Gideon-Knoblock)
  20. There's only one girl
  21. Wun Lung Fu (Gideon)
  22. Ula Lulu Lu
  23. Amapu
  24. On the banks of The Nile (Gideon-Debean)
  25. I'm tickled to death I'm single (Gideon-Seyler)
  26. Midsummer madness
  27. The cobbler
  28. Tommy the whistler (Melvin)
  29. You're the sort of girl (Cliff-Hedley)
  30. I ain't a-goin' no more a-roamin'
  31. Pierrot moon (Gideon)
  32. Olga Petrovotski
  33. Memory street (Macfarlane-Seyler)
  34. Miss Lemon (Braham)
  35. Golfing love (Gideon-Grey)
  1. London Town (you haunt me) (Gideon-Ellingsworth)
  2. Secrets
  3. Prairie moon
  4. Lena (Gideon-Seyler)
  5. Spare a little love
  6. I never realised (Gideon-Ross)
  7. Alouette
  8. Spare a little love
  9. I've got you and you've got me (Ellis-Grey)
  10. Leave a lot of time for love (Gideon-Seyler)
  11. Battersea
  12. Almina
  13. The flower I love the best
  14. There may be days
  15. I want somebody (Gideon-Grey)
  16. Iceland (Gideon-Seyler)
  17. The girl in the crinoline gown (Gideon-Seyler)
  18. You forgot to remember (Berlin)
  19. I've fallen in love with a voice (Gideon-Newman)
  20. Love them all a little bit (Gideon-Seyler)
  21. Texas love
  22. The longest day
  23. Funny little tune
  24. Once upon a time
  25. To pass the time away
  26. The tale of a guinea pig (Gideon)
  27. Pirate's lullaby
  28. The pirate song
  29. The wheel-tapper (Charles-Seyler)
  30. The blackest man I know (Clarke)
  31. To think such things could happen in old England (Weston-Lee)
  32. Raggedy man
  33. You've such a lot (Astaire-Melford)
  34. Cloze-props
  35. Alouette (Melvin)
  1. Till the wheel comes off
  2. Roundabouts and swings
  3. The land you've never heard of (Gideon-Melford)
  4. Prairie moon
  5. The man who smokes a pipe ( Weston-Lee)
  6. Britain for the British ( Weston-Lee)
  7. Come to the cook-house door (Braham-Hoare)
  8. Coalin' (Helmore)
  9. Loving the wrong girl (Gideon-Spero)
  10. All alone (Berlin)
  11. I wonder what's become of Sally? (Yellen-Ager)
  12. They catch 'em young (Gideon-Newman)
  13. Prehistoric maid
  14. I love you so
  15. The rich man drives by (Weston-Lee)
  16. Tears (Weston-Lee)
  17. I wonder where my baby is tonight? (Kahn-Donaldson)
  18. Why couldn't it be poor little me? (Jones-Kahn)
  19. Rolling stone
  20. I shall remember your kisses (Gideon-Grey)
  21. I used to sing (Gideon)
  22. Always (Berlin)
  23. Thank the moon (Gideon-John)
  24. Lindy Lou (Gideon)
  25. Lacquer lady (Gideon-Seyler)
  26. Amsterdam (Gideon)
  27. Cheerio!
  28. I'm tickled to death I'm single
  29. M'yes, m'no (Gideon-Burnaby)
  30. Current puns (Hedley-Melvin)
  31. Down with the whole darn lot
  32. I shall remember your kisses
  33. Don't let 'em scrap the British Navy
  34. Coal black mammy (St Helier-Cliff)
  35. The roast beef of old England
  36. The moment I saw you (Dietz-Newman-Schwartz)
  37. Sunday afternoon (Newman-Schwartz)