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Cockles and Champagne

A Revue, by Maureen Stevens.

Saville Theatre, London. 29th May 1954

Cast included:

Renée Houston, Miriam Karlin, Phyllis Neilson-Terry. Patricia Burke, Frances King. Gloria George, Mildred
Joanne Smith, Pauline Johnson, Dian Monks, Elizabeth Seal. Gay Clark, Patricia Dare, Fenella Fielding. Naida Buckingham, Valerie French. Pierre Dudan. Terence Theobold and Tommy Show.

Devised and staged by Cecil Landen.

Music by Sam Caslow, Ronald Bullock, David Heneker, Pierre Makin and Bruce Merryl.
Choreography by Walter Crisham Alan Carter Nina Tarakanova and Paddy Stone.
Décor by Honoria Plesch,
Costume be Natalie of Neymar and Elizabeth Richards.
Assistant Producer, Christopher Hewett