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Clowns In Clover

Revue devised by Ronald Jeans. Music: Noel Gay. Lyrics: Donovan Parsons.Additional material by Desmond Carter, Vivian Ellis, Chick Endor, Herman Hupfeld, Huntley Trevor, Leslie Sarony, et al.

Adelphi Theatre, London - 1 December 1927 (508 perfs)

The Cast included:

Bobbie Comber, Cicely Courtneidge, Dennis Cowles, Chick Endor, Jack Hulbert, June, Irene Russell, Jack Wright

Musical Director : Sydney Baynes:

The Programme included:

  1. Little Boy Blues (Ellis)
  2. The Calinda (Hupfeld)
  3. l'Il Say to You
  4. Ladies are Running Wild
  5. On the Wings of Love
  6. Say No to Mr Gloom
  7. There's a Trick in Pickin' a Chick-Chick-Chicken (Tobias-Goetz-Robinson)
  8. Forty-Seven Ginger-Headed Sailors (Sarony)
  9. Monte Carlo
  10. Rambling Along the Highway
  11. I Just Roll Along
  12. Love's Reawakening
  13. The Schoolmaster and the Boy
  14. I Can't Get the Rhythm
  15. L'heure Parisienne