PlaybillCity of Angels

A Musical in Two Acts, 37 Scenes. Book by Larry Gelbart. Music by Cy Coleman. Lyrics by David Zippel.
Vocal arrangements by Cy Coleman and Yaron Gershovsky
Originally produced on Broadway by Nick Vanoff, Roger Berlind, Jujamcyn Theaters, Suntory International Corp. and The Shubert Organisation

Virginia Theatre, Broadway - 11 December, 1989 (878 perfs)
Prince of Wales Theatre, London - March 1993 - November 13, 1993.


Set in the glamorous, seductive Hollywood of the '40s the world of film studios and filmy negligées, the show chronicles the misadventures of Stine, a young novelist, attempting a screenplay for movie producer/director, Buddy Fidler.

While Fidler professes to be a fan of Stine's work, his gargantuan ego forces Stine to make endless compromises in the script he's writing, the script being an adaptation of one of Stine's novels which features his Raymond Chandleresque hero, a private investigator named Stone.

Every movie scene that Stine writes is acted out on stage by a group of characters whose costumes are limited to various shades of black and white. the same is true of the sets in which they appear and the props they use.

It all starts when Stone's Girl Friday ushers a striking socialite, Alaura Kingsley ("Only the floor kept her legs from going on forever'), into Stone's office. Stone is to be hired to find her step-daughter, Mallory Kingsley, a beautiful "bad" young woman, who will later turn up in her birthday suit in Stone's own bed ("For a missing girl, there was not a whole lot missing'')!

But its not all fun and games for the private eye, who in the course of the "movie" receives a brutal beating.

In the real life scenes played out in glorious technicolor, Stine has to fight for the integrity of his original book and earns the disapproval of hie wife, Gabby, who leaves for New York.

Finally stepping over the line separating fantasy from reality, Stone challenges hie creator, Stine. resulting in the rousing duet "You're Nothing Without Me" which closes Act One.

After singing the ironic "Funny", Stine appears at the studio for the first day of filming of his script It is here, with the surprise appearance of Stone at his side to encourage him, that he finds the gumption to stand up to Fidler and reclaim his self respect.

Acquitting himself nobly, Stine is reunited with his wife and, with Stone solving the Kingsley mystery, is at peace with his alter-ego A rousing reprise of "You're Nothing Without Me" with a switch to the more positive lyric, "I'm Nothing Without You" ensures the result in that best of Hollywood traditions, a happy ending.


Male - 13 Female - 6

Plus Vocal Quartet & Chorus (includes 11 small speaking parts)

Musical Numbers:

Act I
  1. Prologue: Theme from City Of Angels
  2. Double Talk – Stone and Alaura Kingsley
  3. Double Talk – Buddy Fidler and Stine
  4. What You Don't Know About Women – Gabby and Oolie
  5. Ya Gotta Look Out For Yourself – Jimmy Powers and Angel City 4
  6. The Buddy System – Buddy Fidler and Donna
  7. With Every Breath I Take – Bobbi
  8. The Niby Tennis Song – Stone and Alaura Kingsley
  9. Ev'rybody's Gotta Be Somewhere – Stone and Angel City 4
  10. Lost And Found – Mallory Kingsley
  11. All Ya Have To Do Is Wait – Munoz, Yamato, Mahoney and Officer Pasco
  12. You're Nothing Without Me – Stine and Stone
Act II
  1. Stay With Me – Jimmy Powers and Angel City
  2. You Can Always Count On Me – Oolie
  3. You Can Always Count On Me – Donna
  4. It Needs Work – Gabby
  5. With Every Breath I Take – Stone and Bobbi
  6. Funny – Stine
  7. I'm Nothing Without You – Stone, Stine and Gabby
  8. Epilogue: Theme from City Of Angels
  9. Double Talk Walk (Curtain Call)

(in order of appearance):

  • Stone:
  • Orderlies
  • Oolie
  • Alaura Kingsley
  • Big Six
  • Sonny
  • Jimmy Powers
  • The Angel City Four
  • Munoz
  • Officer Pasco
  • Bobbi
  • Irwin S. Irving
  • Peter Kingsley
  • Margaret
  • Luther Kingsley
  • Dr. Mandril
  • Mallory Kingsley
  • Mahoney
  • Yamato
  • Commissioner Gaines
  • Margie
  • Bootsie

(in order of appearance):

  • Stine
  • Buddy Fidler
  • Shoeshine
  • Gabby
  • Barber
  • Donna
  • Anna
  • Jimmy Powers
  • The Angel City Four
  • Carla Haywood
  • Del Dacosta
  • Pancho Vargas
  • Werner Kriegler
  • Gerald Pierce
  • Avril Raines
  • Gene
  • Cinematographer
  • Stand-In
  • Hairdresser
  • Studio Cops
  • Swings

Scenes and Settings

The action takes place in Los Angeles during the late 1940's.

Act 1,

Act 2,


Violin 1 & 2: Viola: Cello: Bass (acoustic & electric): Reed 1, 2, 3 & 4: Trumpet 1, 2 & 3: Trombone 1 & 2: Drums: Percussion: Guitar: Keyboard & Keyboard Synthesiser


Original Broadway Cast Recording - Columbia CK 46067