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Castles In the Air

A Musical Comedy in 3 Acts. Book and lyrics by Raymond W. Peck. Music by Percy Wenrich. Book staged by Frank S. Merlin. Ensembles by Julian Mitchell. Dances by John Boyle. Scenery designed by Hugh Willoughby, P. Dodd Ackerman. Costumes by Hugh Willoughby, John N. Booth, Jr. and Francis & Co. Music under the direction of Max Bendix. Orchestrations by Frank Barry. Entire production under the personal supervision of James W. Elliott. Produced by James W. Elliott.

Book and lyrics by Raymond W. Peck
Music by Percy Wenrich

Selwyn Theatre, Broadway - 6 September, 1926. Transferred to the Century Theatre 6th December, 1926 (162 perfs)
Shaftesbury Theatre, London 29 June, 1927 (28 perfs)


Two college graduates, Monty Blair and John Brown arrive at Evelyn's 21 Club, an exclusive Westchester resort they have mistaken for an inn. They quickly weigh up the situation and Monty introduces John as a Latvian Prince. Evelyn is something of a social climber, so her uncle Philip decides to teach her a lesson by taking her and her friends to Latvia, intending to expose John for the impostor he is. The plan backfires, however, John really is a prince!

Cast: (in order of appearance):

Chorus of Dancers and Singers

Musical Numbers:

  1. Opening - Ensemble
  2. I Don't Blame 'Em - Annie Moore, Boys
  3. Love's Refrain - Mme Joujou Durant, Ensemble
  4. Lantern of Love (Lanterns of Love) (Lyrics by R. Locke and Raymond W. Peck) - Evelyn Devine, Ensemble
  5. The Singer's Career, Ha! Ha! - Mme Joujou Durant, Philip Rodman
  6. Queen of Queens - Monty Blair, Dancers
  7. The Other Fellow's Girl - Monty Blair, Sextette, Ensemble
  8. If You Are in Love with a Girl - John Brown, Ensemble
  9. The Sweetheart of Your Dream - Evelyn Devine
    Replaced by: (The) First Kiss of Love - Evelyn Devine
  10. I Would Like to Fondle You - Annie Moore, Monty Blair, Sextette, Ensemble
  11. The Rainbow of Your Smile - John Brown *
  12. Finale Act 1 - Ensemble
  13. Latavian Folk Dance - Ensemble
  14. Baby (Fox Trot Lullaby) - Monty Blair, Ensemble
  15. Latavia - John Brown, Ensemble
  16. Land of Romance - Evelyn Devine
  17. My Lips, My Love, My Soul! - John Brown, Evelyn Devine
  18. The Latavian Chant - Annie Moore, Ensemble
  19. Finale Act 2 - Entire Company
  20. The Ballet Dancer - Ballet Dancer ±
    Girls and the Gimmies - Monty Blair, Sextette, Ensemble
  21. Love Rules the World - Mme Joujou Durant, John Brown
  22. Finale Act 3 - Entire Company

    * Dropped for tour.
    ± Dropped during the run.

Scenes and Settings