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Cover to Ohio Light Opera ProductionTHE CABARET GIRL

A musical comedy in 3 acts by George Grossmith and P. G. Wodehouse. Music by Jerome Kern.

Winter Garden Theatre, London : Opened 19th September, 1922; closed 11th August, 1923 (361 performances)


Marilynn Morgan is a chorus girl who tries to get a job in the glamorous troupe of the All NIght Follies at the same time, pursuing her love affair with the aristocratic hero, Jim Paradine.

Involved in their affairs are the producers of the cabaret, Messrs Gravvins and Gripps. They drss up a lot of peasants as aristocrats with the aim of impressing Marilynn's young man's parents into consenting to a wedding. It all backfires and Marilynn flees back to London, and showbusiness, where she gets her cabaret job and her young man comes to claim her, family, or inheritance or no.


(in order of appearance)

  • Marchioness of Harrogate
  • Marquis of Harrogate
  • Effie Dix
  • Miss Simmons
  • Miss Tompkins
  • Miss Witmore
  • Miss Browlow
  • Commissionaire
  • Customer
  • Mr Gripps
  • Mr Gravvins
  • Jim Paradene
  • Harry Zona
  • March
  • April
  • Little Ada
  • Lily de Jigger

  • Marilynn Morgan
  • Feloosi
  • Quibb
  • Mrs Drawbridge
  • Mayor of Woollam Chersey
  • Laburnum Brown
  • Lilac Smith
  • Poppy Robinson
  • Hyacinth Green
  • Tulip Williams
  • Vicar of Woollam Chersey
  • Box office keeper
  • Cabaret dancer
  • Cabaret singer

and chorus

Musical Numbers

Act I

  1. Overture/Introduction
  2. Chorus: "Love song is ended"
  3. Song: "You want the best seats"
  4. Duet: "Mr. Gripps, I've just been thinking"
  5. Song: "There she stood"
  6. Duet: "Journey's End"
  7. Sextet "Whoop-de-doodle-do"
  8. Scene: "Dancing Time"
  9. Duet "Dancing Time" 3:58
  10. "Great news, boys!"
  11. Finale: "My little place"

Act II

  1. Opening: "The Pergola Patrol"
  2. Scene: "Praise for our zeal"
  3. Song: "Shimmy with me"
  4. Song: "Oh, dear days of long ago"
  5. Scene: "We've escaped?Looking all over"
  6. Trio: "Oh, I feel so nervous"
  7. Finale Act II: "What do you think"


  1. Opening: "Good evening"
  2. "London, brighter London"
  3. Song: "Kahlua"
  4. Finale: "Oriental dreams"