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Brighter London

Revue devised by Lauri Wylie. Music by Herman Finck; Lyrics by Clifford Harris; Additional Songs by Henry Busse, Zez Confrey, Lou Davis, Henry Lange and Al Jolson

London Hippodriome - 28 March, 1923 - (593 perfs)


The Cast included:

Annie Croft, Lupino Lane, Billy Merson, Elsie Prince, Reginald Sharland, Paul Whiteman and his orchestra


The Programme included;

  1. Kitten on the Keys (Confrey)
  2. Spanish March
  3. Nosey Parker
  4. Yoo-Hoo (al Jolson)
  5. A Stolen Kiss
  6. Hop, Skip and Jump
  7. London Town
  8. The Romance of a Shawl
  9. Hot Lips (Busse-Lange-Davis)
  10. Play That Song of India Again (Rimsky-Korsakov)
  11. I'm Doing My Duty
  12. Shakespeare Jazz
  13. The Jackdaw of Rheims