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Cover to Original Broadway Cast RecordingBRIGADOON

A musical play in 2 acts, a prologue and 11 scenes: Music by Frederick Loewe; Libretto and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner 

Ziegfeld Theatre, New York - March 13, 1947 (581 perfs)
Her Majesty's Theatre, London - April 14, 1949 (685 perfs)

The Story

(The Scottish Highlands, 200 years ago)

Two Americans, Tommy Albright and his pal Jeff Douglas, chance upon a small Scottish village in a Highland mist. They discover, mainly from the village schoolmaster Mr Murdoch, that Brigadoon is an enchanted place that only comes to life for one day every hundred years. Tommy and Jeff meet Fiona MacKeith and Meg Brockie, and Tommy and Fiona soon find in each other a deep understanding. We follow the villagers through a day that includes a wedding and learn that if one of the inhabitants should leave Brigadoon the spell will be broken for ever. There is near disaster when a young embittered Scot tries to take his revenge. He dashes towards the forest but is killed making his escape. Happiness is changed to mourning. Tommy has by now fallen deeply in love witb Fiona but he is told he cannot stay. He goes back with Jeff to New York and quarrels with his fiancee. Suddenly in a New York bar he sees a vision of Fiona and comes to a decision. He knows he must return to Scotland. There by the power of love he reawakens the slumbering Brigadoon just long enough for him to be reunited with Fiona.

Cast of Characters

with original London Cast:

JEFF DOUGLAS - Hiram Sherman
HARRY RITCHIE - James Jamieson
FISHMONGER - Daphne Starling
ANGUS MacMONIES - Peter Dyneley
Playbill for "Brigadoon"SANDY - Wilfred Johns
ANDREW MacKEITH - Roy Russell
FIONA MacKEITH - Patricia Hughes
JEAN MacKEITH - Bunty Kelley
MEG BROCKIE - Noele Gordon
MR. MURDOCH - Ivor Barnard
SWORD DANCERS - Anthony Burke; John Gregory; James White; Robert Harrold
MacGREGOR - Edward Hyde
BAGPIPERS - David Ross; Robert Hill
FRANK - Freddie Costello
JANE ASHTON - Janet MacFarlane


Musical Numbers


  1. Introduction - Orchestra
  2. Prologue - Chorus
  3. Brigadoon - Chorus
  4. Vendors' Calls - Townsfolk
  5. Down In MacConnachy Square -Townsfolk, Sandy, MacGregor, Stuart Cameron, Meg
  6. Waitin' For My Dearie - Finoa, Girls
  7. I'll Go Home With Bonnie Jean. - Charlie, Chorus
    7a. - Dance
  8. The Heather On the Hill - Tommy, Fiona,
    8a. - Rain Scene - Chorus
    8b. - Change of Scene
  9. The Love Of My Life - Meg
    9a. - Change of Scene
  10. Jeannie's Packin' Up - Girls
  11. Come To Me, Bend To Me - Charlie
    11a. - Dance
  12. Almost Like Being In Love - Tommy, Fiona
  13. Bible Scene
  14. Change of Scene
  15. End of Murdoch Scene
  16. Entrance of the Clans
  17. Wedding Ceremony - Company
  18. Wedding Dance
  19. Sword Dance and Reel
  20. End of Act I - Ensemble


  1. Entr'acte
  2. The Chase - Chorus and Townsfolk
    22a. - Change of Scene
  3. There But For You Go I - Tommy
  4. Glen Scene Opening
    24a. - My Mother's Weddin' Day - Meg, Chorus
    24b. - Dance
  5. The Funeral - Maggie dances the Piobrochead
  6. From This Day On - Fiona, Tommy
    26a. - Farewell Music - Chorus
  7. Change of Scene
  8. Reprises - Fiona, Chorus, Charlie, Tommy
  9. Change of Scene
  10. Finale - Company

Synopsis of Scenes


SCENE 1. A forest in the Scottish Highlands, about five on a May morning.
SCENE 2. A road in Brigadoon, then the village square—MacConnachy Square—later the same morning.
SCENE 3. The Brockie open shed, about noon.
SCENE 4. The MacKeith House, mid-afternoon.
SCENE 5. Outside the house of Mr. Murdoch—immediately following.
SCENE 6. Outside the Kirk of Brigadoon, at dusk.


SCENE 1. A forest inside Brigadoon, later that night.
SCENE 2. A road in Brigadoon, later.
SCENE 3. The glen, soon after.
SCENE 4. A bar in New York City, four months later.
SCENE 5. The forest, (same as Act 1, Scene 1) — Some days later.

The time of " Brigadoon " is May 1935.


(Total number of books = 16)

2 Violins I
1 Violin II
1 Viola
1 Cello
1 Double Bass
1 Flute/Picc