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A Revue: Music by Lionel Monckton and Herman Finck; Book and Lyrics by Arthur Wimperis and Basil Hood. Additional Songs by Nat D. Ayer

Palace Theatre, London - 18 September, 1915 (385 perfs)


The Cast included:

Gwendoline Brogden, Teddie Gerard, A. Simon Girard, Nelson Keys, Gertie Millar, Arthur Playfair, Lauri Wylie

The Programme included:

  1. Toilet of Venus
  2. Introduction and Girls' Dance
  3. March leading to ensemble
  4. Dance of the Fire Brigade Girls
  5. Finale (à la bacchanale)
  6. Toy Town
  7. Naughty-Naughty One Gerrard
  8. The Parisienne
  9. Chalk Farm to Camberwell Greem
  10. The Lover's Litany
  11. A Hundred Years Ago
  12. The Optimist and the Pessimist
  13. Brighton Roses
  14. Neville Was a Devil
  15. Glad to See You're Back
  16. Economy
  17. I'm Simply Crazy Over You (Schwartz)


Musical Director: Herman Finck