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Cover to original cast recordingBOUNCE

Music & lyrics by Stephen Sondheim; Book by John Weidman

Produced and premiered by The Goodman Theatre, Chicago, June 2003:
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington D.C. 21 October 2003.

Directed by Harold Prince; Choreographed by Michael Arnold


Bounce follows the adventures of brothers Addison and Wilson Mizner, taking to heart the advice of their papa, Lansing Mizner, a man who never missed an opportunity, and Mama Mizner, who bankrolled their first chance to get rich quick. It's the story of American men and women willing to take risks to grab their piece of the dream, of women like Nellie, a Gold Rush dance hall girl, who marries well again and again. It's a story of resilience and invention, of America's ability to 'bounce.'"

Musical Numbers:

  1. Overture - Orchestra
  2. Bounce - Wilson & Addison
  3. Opportunity - Papa, Wilson, Addison
  4. Gold - Wilson, Prospector, Mama, Denizens
  5. Gold - Part 2 - Poker Players, Wilson
  6. What's Your Rush? - Nellie, Wilson
  7. The Game - Wilson, Addison
  8. Next To You - Addison, Wilson, Mama
  9. Addison's Trip - Addison, Businessman, Englishman, Guatemalens, Plantation Owner
  10. The Best Thing That Ever Has Happened - Nellie, Wilson
  11. I Love This Town - Addison, Wilson, Nellie, Kethchel, Callahan, Reports and Photographers, Chorines, Policemen, Gamblers, Jockey
  12. Isn't He Somthing? - Mama
  13. Bounce - Addison
  14. The Game - Addison, Nellie, Wilson, Real Estate Promoter
  15. Talent - Hollis, Addison
  16. You - Addison, Mrs. Stotesbury, Aristocrats, Matrons, Hollis, Mr. Geist, Mrs. Geist, Mr Trumbaur, Mrs. Trumbaur, Mrs Dupont, Mr & Mrs Wanamaker
  17. Addison's City - Hollis, Wilson, Nellie
  18. Boca Raton - Bathing Beauties, Yacht Club Boys, Wilson & Chorus
  19. Boca Raton Aftermath - Nellie
  20. Get Out Of My Life - Wilson, Addison
  21. Bounce - Wilson, Addison


    Original Cast Recording - Nonesuch 79830-2