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Revue devised by George Black. Music and Lyrics: Michael Carr, David Heneker, Ray Noble, Cole Porter, Eric Maschwitz, Harry Jacobson.

Victoria Palace Theatre, London - 24 April, 1941

The Cast included:

Chesney Allen, Frances Day, Bud Flanagan, Zoë Gail, Patricia Leonard, Cyril Smith, Naunton Wayne

The Programme included:

  1. Much More Lovely (Heneker)
  2. A Pair of Silver Wings (Carr-Maschwitz)
  3. Do I Love You, Do I? (Porter)
  4. I l-l-love you so (Jacobson)
  5. Let's be buddies (Porter)
  6. But In the Morning, No! (Porter)
  7. It's De-lovely (Porter)
  8. Underneath the Arches (Flanagan-Allen
  9. Comanche war dance (Noble)
  10. Iroquois (Noble)
  11. I like a good time (Carr)
  12. Much more lovely

Orchestra conducted. Jay Wilbur: