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Beauty and the Beards

Devised and performed by Denis King, Dick Vosburgh and Sarah Redmond . Composed by Denis King; Lyrics by Dick Vosburgh

Kings Head Theatre, Islington - 26 March - 15 April. 2001


A fast paced pocket revue with the accent very definitely on laughter: puns, parodies, anecdotes and satirical songs, wit, wordplay, general nonsense and non-stop banter.  Originally entitled Two Beards and a Blonde and featuring Dick Vosburgh and Denis King and Tamzin Outhwaite.


Dick Vosburgh, Denis King, Sarah Redmond

Musical numbers:

Act 1

  1. Ugly Rug Ball
  2. Let's Do the Show Right Here
  3. If
  4. Sliver Screen Cliches
  5. Beethoven Biopic
  6. Questions
  7. Black Beauty
  8. Guess the Well-Known Chorus 1
  9. Hate Songs
  10. Guess The Well-Known Chorus 2
  11. Smoke Gets In Your Nose
  12. Old Man River as written by Noel Coward
  13. Oklahoma as written by Brecht and Veill
  14. World War II in Nine Minutes

Act 2

  1. The Hack Brothers
  2. Strip
  3. Guess the Well-Known Chorus 3
  4. Shakespeare Medley
  5. Gilbert and Sullivan
  6. Comedy Film Medley (Rossini)
  7. Silly Song Medley
  8. Encore: Boutros Boutros Oh Golly