At the Drop of a Hat

Cover to Original Cast Recording

A two-man revue written and performed by Michael Flanders and Donald Swann

New Lindsey Theatre, London 31 December, 1956. Transferred to Fortune Theatre, London - 24 January 1957 (733 perfs)

An After Dinner Farrago (Intimate Revue) in Two Acts.
Opened 8 October 1959 at the John Golden Theatre, New York and
closed 14 May 1960 after 216 performances.


    1. A Transport of Delight
    2. Song of Reproduction
    3. A Gnu
    4. Design for Living
    5. Je suis le ténébreux
    6. Songs for Our Time (Philological Waltz; Satellite Moon; A Happy Song)
    7. A Song of the Weather
    8. The Reluctant Cannibal
    9. Greensleeves
    10. Misalliance
    11. Kokoraki - a Greek Song
    12. Madeira, M'Dear?
    13. Hippopotamus
    14. The Youth of the Heart
    15. Twice Shy
    16. Too Many Conkers
    17. Sea Fever

Programme USA


Song of Reproduction
The Hog Beneath the Skin (The Warthog)
A Transport of Delight
The Youth of the Heart (Lyrics by Sydney Carter.)
The Wompom
Sea Fever
A Gnu
Judgement of Paris
Songs for Our Time: (Philological Waltz, Satellite Moon, A Happy Song)


A Song of the Weather
The Reluctant Cannibal In the Bath
Design for Living
Tried by the Centre Court
Kokoraki (A Greek Song)
Madeira, M' Dear?
The Hippopotamus


Recorded during an actual performance - Parlophone PMC 1033