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Area51Area 51

Musical by Daniel O'Brien


Deep in the depths of space, a monstrous evil has awoken, an evil so powerful its influence can reach beyond the stars. That evil finds a home in Area 51, the world's largest, and most secret, military complex. In a race against time, Rick Adams, head of the base's top secret scientific research facility, must find a way to halt the alien invasion before all of humanity succumbs to the extraterrestrial onslaught.


Cast: M4 F9 Principals, large support cast (flexible - roles can be doubled for smaller companies) .

Staging: Flexible staging requirements - can vary from a simple to elaborate set. Main set is Area 51 control room and Scientist’s Lab.

Rights Holder: Next Gen Publications - http://www.nextgenpublications.com/musicals-area-51.htm