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Cover to vocal scoreARC DE TRIOMPHE

a play with music in three acts by Ivor Novello

Phoenix Theatre, London - November 9, 1943 (222 perfs)

The show follows the lead character, the French opera singer Marie Forêt, through twenty years of professional and private life with all its trials, tribulations and triumphs.


Marie Forêt, a rising opera singer, turns her back on the love offered by cabaret vocalist Pierre Bachelet for the sake of her career. She also refuses the advance sof the impresario Adhémar Janze as she rises to stardom and to the point when she might safely marry Pierre. He has now become a famous cabaret star. But, the First World War arrives and Pierre is killed. Marie hides her sorrow by turning wholeheartedly to her singing, first in entertaining the troops and then as a prima dona in the world of opera. Finally we shee her ready to retire from the world of the stage but Adhémar tries to rob her of her farewell performance in the role of Joan of Arc. Adhémar has given this role to his niece, Giselle. However, Giselle develops a sore throat and Marie gives her farewell performance.

Principal Musical Numbers:

Paris Reminds Me of You
Dark Music
Easy To Live With
Waking or Sleeping
The Shepherd's Song
Man Of My Heart
France Will Rise Again


Thérèse Vidal
Paul Merrimer
Achille Rentier
Madame Merrimer
Marie Forêt
Geneviève Cachet
Pierre Bachelet
Adémar de Janze
Princess de Coligny
M. Paladihle
Mme Paladihle
Arstide Roche