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Airs on a Shoestring

An intimate revue devised and directed by Laurier Lister

Royal Court Theatre, London - 22 April, 1953

The Cast:

Moyra Fraser, Betty Marsden, Sally Rogers, Carole Newton, Patricia Lancaster, Eileen Price, Max Adrian, Bernard Hunter, Jack Gray, Denis Quilley, Charles Ross and Peter Reeves

Musical Numbers staged by Alfred Rodrigues
Costumes by David de Bethel
Music arranged by John Pritchett (at the piano with Kenneth Broadberry and with Chris Blades at the drums)
Décor by Joan Burton, Stanley Moore, David de Bethel et al

Programme included;

  1. Guide to Britten (Lyrics by Michael Flanders; Music by Donald Swann)
  2. The Model Models (lyric by Charlotte Mitchell; music by Madeleine Dring)
  3. Taken As Read - or Hiawatha at the Albert Hall (sketch by David Climie; Music by John Pritchett)
  4. Sing High, Sing Low (Music & lyrics by Madeleine Dring)
  5. Jamaican Rumba - (Lyric by Jerry Mann; music by Arthur Benjamin
  6. Mediterranean - (Lyric by Michael Flanders; Music by Donald Swann)
  7. Fly Customers (Richard Waring)
  8. There's a Hole in My Budget
  9. The Seven Ages of Women
  10. Excelsior
  11. Last of the Line