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Cover to Original Cast AlbumAfter the Ball

A musical play (operette) in two acts by Noel Coward based on Oscar Wilde's Lady Windermere's Fan.

  1. Directed by: Robert Helpmann/Noel Coward;
  2. Musical Director : Norman Hackforth/Harry Acres;
  3. Choreography: Robert Helpmann;
  4. Scener/Costumes: Doris Zinkeisen

Globe Theatre, London 10th June, 1954; closed 20th November, 1954. (188 perfs)


Set in 1892 Wilde's play tells the tale of the young Lady Windermere who fears her husband is having an affair with a mysterious Mrs Erlynne whom the nosey Lady Agatha believes is being kept by Lord Windermere. A ball is thrown to celebrate the 21st birthday of Lady Windermere and her husband has given her a large beautiful fan, a fan that after the ball is left in a gentleman's room indicating that the young bride has herself started a new life. The situation is saved by Mrs Erlynne who claims she had picked it up by mistake and it is revealed that she is in fact Lady Windermere's mother.

Musical Numbers:

  1. Oh, What A Century It's Been - Chorus
  2. I Knew That You Would Be My Love - Lady Windermere, Lord Windermere
  3. Mr. Hopper's Chanty - Mr. Hopper, Mr Dumby, Mr Cecil Graham
  4. Sweet Day - Lady Windermere
  5. Quartette - Chorus
  6. Crème De La Crème - Chorus
  7. Light Is The Heart - Mrs Erlynne
  8. Why Is It The Woman Who Pays - Chorus
  9. London At Night - Chorus
  10. Aria - Lady Windermere
  11. May I Have The Pleasure - Mr. Hopper, Duchess of Berwick
  12. All My Life Ago - Mrs Erlynne
  13. Faraway Land - Mr. Hopper, Lady Agatha Carlisle
  14. Something On A Tray - Duchess of Berwick
  15. Clear Bright Morning - Lady Windermere
  16. Reprise: London At Night - Chorus

Original Cast

Lady Jedburgh - Betty Felstead
Lady Paisley - Anna Halinka/Pamela Galloway
Mrs Cowper Cowper - Ailsa Gamley
Lady Plymdale - Lois Green
Lady Stutfield - Pam Marmont
Mr Dumby - Dennis Bowen
Mr Cecil Graham - Tom Gill
Lady Windermere - Vanessa Lee
Lord Windermere - Peter Graves
Mr Hopper - Graham Payn
Lord Darlington - Shamus Locke
Duchess of Berwick - Irene Browne
Lady Agatha Carlisle - Patricia Cree
Parker - Leslie Pearson
Lord Augustus Lorton - Donald Scott
Mrs Erlynne - Mary Ellis
Mr Guy Berkeley - Raymond Savigar
Mr Rufford - Bill Horsley
Lady Ruckinge - Silvia Beamish
Miss Graham - Maureen Quinney
Mrs Hurst-Green - Marion Grimaldi
Mrs Arthur Bowden - Margaret Gibson
Footman to Lord Darlington - Bill Horsley
Footman to the Duchess - Andrew Sachs
Lord Paisley - John Morley