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Abie's Island Rose

A musical in 2 acts: music by Doug Katsaros; lyrics by Richard Engquist and Frank Evans.

Cover to Cast Recording

Jewish Repertory Theatre, Off-Broadway - Opened April 29, 2000. Closed May 21, 2000 (9 previews, 15 perfs)


Abie's Island Rose is a four-character musical comedy which tells the story of the romance between Abie, a young New York Jewish medical student and Rose, an Afro-Caribbean nurse. The show takes place in two mythical islands:Tornados in the Caribbean and Manhattan on the Hudson.

Musical Numbers:

  1. Two Islands
  2. Omens
  3. That Was Him
  4. Rainbow
  5. A Bit of a Surprise
  6. That Girl
  7. Something Else
  8. What's Going On?
  9. Crazy Mixed Up Me
  10. Somwehere in the World
  11. Liberal
  12. All For Her
  13. Welcome To Manhattan
  14. Nice While It Lasted
  15. The Way It's S'posed to Be
  16. Late Night TV
  17. He Used to Whistle
  18. Wasted On the Young
  19. Finale