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At the Silver Swan

a musical play in 2 acts by Guy Bolton and Percival Mackay based on The Highwayman - by Edmond Samuels and Henry C. James; Music by Edmond Samuels.

Palace Theatre, London - 19th February - 4th April, 1936 (51 perfs)


Set in the 1870s Australian outback, Terry Burke is a fellow with an eye for the ladies, and manages to have them all falling at his feet. The two most smitten are Frenchwoman Alice Brevanne and an English girl, Mary Weston. When it turns out that Mary is actually Alice’s long-lost sister, the noble, sensible Aliceallows her younger sister to get the prize of marrying Terry.

A sub-plot involved Sergei Tonicoff and Katja, comical foreigners adrift in Australian culture, and a dance speciality act, Lucienne and Ashor, who get involved in a bar-fight, a kind of “Outback Apache” which was sensationally violent, and spectacularly acrobatic and brought the house down at every performance.

Musical Numbers

  1. Overture
  2. Jackaroo
  3. Bushranger
  4. Boomerang
  5. Gorgeous
  6. The Man I Adore
  7. Drink boys, drink
  8. I'm the belle of the '50s
  9. Gold, god of the world
  10. Don't you think it's romantic?
  11. I'm the girl who doesn't mind a bit of nonsense
  12. Song of the gold-diggers
  13. Song of the bush
  14. Song of the highwayman
  15. She's in love with a highwayman
  16. Ladies of fashion
  17. She's mine, all mine!
  18. Waltz divine.