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A Musical Play in 3 acts. Book by Harry Smith (based on the play The Elixir of Love by Zellah Covington and Jules Simonson. Lyrics by Robert B. Smith, Music by Victor Herbert

Knickerbocker Theatre, New York - 29th.December, 1919 - 14th February, 1920 (57 perfs)

Musical Numbers


ACT I - Bachelor apartment shared by Arthur Griffin and Tom Larkins.

  1. Opening Number - "It's hard to be true to one when I'm not built that way. I may promise, but it's two to one before the week is out I'll stray..."
  2. Quintet - Tom, Arthur, Hugh, Rocky and Sandy - "When a man's made up his mind to marry, he should leave no relics of his past about..."
  3. Song and Dance - Professor - "On a critical inspection of such things as you and me, you will find upon reflection just what fools these mortals be..."
  4. Elixir Motive
  5. Angel Face Song - "There's a type of girl, a pure and perfect pearl; you must know her, so do I. Seventeen or so, with her neck a bit too low..."
  6. Song - Betty - "It's hard to be true to one when I'm not built that way. I may promise, but it's two to one before the week is out I'll stray..."
  7. Duet - Paula and Sandy - "When you are lonely, wanting one only, someone's lonely too. While you're longingly waiting for someone..."
  8. Quintet - Rocky, Pearl, Sandy, Paula and Tom - "Since you won my heart, we must not, cannot part; just think how drear life would appear..."
  9. Finale Act I

ACT II - The Same.

  1. Entr'acte No. 1
  2. Song - Arthur - "A single man is hard to please in his heart's desire; yet finds in ev'ry girl he sees something to admire.."
  3. Duet - Tom and Tessie - "To argue's absurd when you gave me your word ... There're sev'ral that I gave my word to ... You said there was none..."
  4. Melodrama
  5. Dance Excentrique
  6. Encore to Dance
  7. Lullaby - Tom - "I'm in wrong I clearly see, things could not be worse; this job is no place for me. Now it's Good-night, nurse..."
  8. Duet - Betty and Arthur - "Whenever you're needing a little harmless speeding, my roadster has just room enough for two..."
  9. Song - Tessie and Girls - "I wish that someone could tell me, why, when a party is through Home Sweet Home they must play in a sad sort of way..."
  10. Finale Act II - "I can't be your 'all of the time', your 'ever and ever', but may be your 'once in a while' will do. To Arthur, to Arthur, to Arthur! ..."

ACT III - The Hotel Lounge.

  1. Entr'acte No. 2
  2. Opening Number - "Oh, take me to a cabaret where I can hear a jazz band play a one-step or a trot; I don't care what, I'll dance it any way..."
  3. Song - Tessie and Girls - "Hatty is the quiet kind who knows all that's on your mind ... That's Hatty! And she's a dream..."
  4. Quartet - Sandy, Pearl, Rocky and Paula - "When I've been slaving at the office all day, wilting my collar to captivate the mighty dollar..."
  5. Duet - Betty and Arthur - "I chance to be the youngest of my big family, and it is not the source of joy some say it is...
  6. Song - Tom - "I'm so easily tempted by graces and glances of all of the feminine sex, that my life is crowded with foolish romances..."
  7. One Step - Arthur and Moya
  8. Duet - Arthur and Moya - "If I had ever seen you dancing before I'd met you time and time again..."
  9. Finale Act III - "If I had someone like you, my dear, to cheer today, tomorrow, my life would be brighter with someone like you..."


Scenes and Settings