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sidwAn Operette in 3 Acts, 5 Scenes. (Original) Viennese book (Endlicht Allein) by Dr. A. M. Willner and Robert Bodanzky. Music by Franz Lehár -. American adaptation by Edgar Smith and Joseph Herbert. Additional lyrics by Matthew C. Woodward.

Sam S. Shubert Theatre, New York - 19th October, 1915 - 18th March, 1916 (180 perfs)


A marriage is to take place between the impoverished, not-too-bright Count and Dolly, an eccentric and extremely wealthy American girl. Before taking this step, she longs for a romantic adventure and the Alpine scenery around her seems a perfect backdrop. The mountain guide who takes her climbing is actually a baron in disguise, who has long loved her, and when they reach the mountain summit and an avalanche means they must spend the night together in splendid isolation, her dream has come true.

Musical Numbers


  1. Opening Chorus (The Peasant Wedding Party) - Ensemble
  2. "One in the Game of Love" - Dolly, Entire Chorus
  3. "Thy Heart (Is) My Prize" (Lyrics by Matthew C. Woodward.) - Franz
  4. "Oh, My Darling Tilly" (Lyrics by Joseph W. Herbert.) - Tilly, Count Willigard
  5. "Nature Divine" (Lyrics by Matthew C. Woodward.) - Dolly, Franz
  6. "Waltz Entrancing" (Lyrics by Joseph W. Herbert.) - Tilly, Men
  7. Finale Act I - Dolly, Franz, Tilly, Count Willigard, Chorus


  1. Opening Chorus Act II - "Bright Morning Star" - Yvonne, Chorus
  2. "Pretty Edelweiss" (Lyrics by Matthew C. Woodward.) - Dolly
    "Not Now, But By the Moon" (Lyrics by Matthew C. Woodward.) - Tilly, Count Willigard
  3. "Picnic in the Sky" (Finaletto) (Music by Gaetano Merola.) - Tilly, Count Willigard, Max, Phoebe, Hans, Chorus
  4. "This Is My World" - Dolly, Franz
  5. "Some Little Bug Will Find You Some Day" (Music by Silvio Hein. Lyrics by Roy Atwell and Benjamin Hapgood Burt.) - Count Willigard
  6. Scene: Duet—Finale - Dolly, Franz


  1. "Scandals in the Air" (Opening Chorus Act III) "Return to Warm My Heart Again" (Music by Gaetano Merola.) - Tilly, Chorus
  2. Reminiscences - Dolly, Franz
  3. Finale Act III

CAST (in order of appearance):

Principal roles Support Roles
  • Count Max Splenningen
  • Count Willigard
  • Dolly Cloverdale, an American heiress
  • Mrs. Phoebe Cloverdale, a wealthy American widow
  • Baron Franz von Hansen
  • Tilly Dachau, of the Hoff Theatre, Vienna
  • Morel, hotel manager
  • Hans Ketterer, a veteran Swiss guide
  • von Flamberg
  • Rudiman
  • Bondi
  • :Yvonne Everett, an American girl
  • Mrs. Jeffry, an American tourist
  • von Mannheim, a German tourist
  • Professor Dinglebender, geologist
  • Head Porter, Grand Hotel

Guides, Tourists, Peasants, Hotel Guests, Maids, Porters, Waiters, Show Girls

Scenes and settings