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[Jacob Gershvin] Born Brooklyn September 26, 1898: Died Hollywood July 11, 1937

Stage Works

The musicals listed were first performed in New York theatres unless otherwise stated.

Authors are indicated as follows: (book author; lyrics author).

  1. La La Lucille (F. Jackson; A J. Jackson and B. G. De Sylva). 26 May 1919
  2. Morris Gest Midnight Whirl (Dc Sylva and J. H, Mears). 27 Dec 1919
  3. Dere Mabel (I. Caesar [lyrics]), Baltimore, 2 Feb 1920
  4. George White's Scandals of 1920 (A. Rice and G. White; A. Jackson), 7 June 1920
  5. Broadway Brevities of 1920 (B. Traynor and A. Gottlìcr; A. Jackson), 29 Sept 1920 [with song Swanee]
  6. A Dangerous Maid (C W. C.W. Bell; A. Francis [l. Gcrshwin]). Atlantic City, NJ, 21 March 1921
  7. George White's Scandals of 1921 (A. Baer and White; A. Jackson), 11 July 1921
  8. George White's Scandals of 1922 (While, Rice and W. C. Fields; De Sylva and E. R. Goetz), 28 Aug 1922
  9. Blue Monday Blues (opera, I act DeSylva), arr. W. 11. Vodery, pert. in George White's Scandals of 1922; rev. as 135th Street, arr. F. Grofé, 29 Dec 1925
  10. Our Nell (B. Hooker and A. E. Thomas: Hooker), music Gershwin and W. Daly, 4 Dec 1922
  11. The Rainbow (A. de Courville, N. Scott and F. Wallace: C. Grey et al), London, 3 April 1923
  12. George White's Scandals of 1923 (White and W. K Wells: De Sylva, Goetz and B. MacDonald), 18 June 1923
  13. Sweet Little Devil (F. Mandel and L. Schwab; De Sylva), 21 Jan 1924
  14. George White's Scandals of 1924 (White and Wells; De Syka), 30 June 1924
  15. Primrose (C. Bolton and G. Grossmith; D. Carter and I. Gershwin), London, 11 Sept 1924, vocal score (London, 1924)
  16. Lady, Be Good (Bolton and F. Thompson; I. Gershwin), I Dec 1924 [with song Fascinating Rhythm]
  17. Tell Me More (Thompson and Wells; I. Gershwin and De Sylva), 13 April 1925
  18. Tip-toes (Bolton and Thompson; I. Gershwin), 28 Dec 1925
  19. Song of the Flame (O. Hammerstein II and O. Harbach), music Gershwin and H. Stothart 30 Dec 1925
  20. Oh, Kay! (Bolton and P. G. Wodchousc; I. Gershwin and H. Dietz). 8 Nov 1926 [with songs Clap yo' hands; Do, Do, Do; Someone to watch over me]
  21. Strike up the Band (G. S. Kaufman: I. Gershwin), Philadelphia, 5 Sept 1927; rev. (M. Ryskind; I. Gershwin), 14 Jan 1930, vocal score (New York, 1930)
  22. Funny Face (P. G. Smith and Thompson; I. Gershwin), 22 Nov 1927 [with songs He loves and she loves; 'S wonderful]
  23. Rosalie (Bolton and W. A. McGuire; I. Gershwin and Wodehouse), suppl. music S. Romberg, 10 Jan 1925
  24. Treasure Girl (Thompson and V. Lawrence; I. Gershwin), 8 Nov 1928
  25. Show Girl (McGuire and J. P McEvoy; I. Gershwin and G. Kahn), 2 July 1929
  26. Girl Crazy (Bolton and J. McGowan; I. Gershwin), 14 Oct 1930, vocal score (New York, 1954) [with songs Bidin' my time; Embraceable you: I got rhythm]
  27. Of Thee I Sing (Kaufman and Ryskind; I. Gershwin), 26 Dec 1931, vocal score (New York, 1932)
  28. Pardon my English (H. Fields; I. Gershwin), 20 Jan 1933
  29. Let 'em Eat Cake (Kaufman and Ryskind; I. Gershwin), 21 Oct 1933
  30. Porgy and Bess (opera, 3 acts, D. Heyward; Heyward and I. Gershwin), 10 Oct 1935, vocal score (New York, 1935)


  1. Delicious (G. Bolton and S. Levien; I. Gershwin), 1931;
  2. Shall We Dance (A. Scott and E. Pagano; I. Gershwin), 1937 [with songs Lets call the whole thing off. Shall we dance; They can't take that away from me];
  3. A Damsel in Distress (S. K. Lauren, Pagano and P. G. Wodehouse), 1937 [with song Nice work if you can get it];
  4. The Goldwyn Follies (B. Hecht; I. Gershwin), 1938 [with song Love walked in];
  5. The Shocking Miss Pilgrim (G. Seaton; I. Gershwin), music adapted by K. Swift and I. Gershwin, 1946;
  6. Kiss me, Stupid (I. Gershwin), music adapted by I. Gershwin, 1964; others based on Gershwin musicals and songs