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evidence - in spirit. Ghost-like marital consciences, Barb and Lenny comment on the sexual undercurrents implicit in Sam and Monica's relationship. Infidelity seems to be the topic of the evening. While Sam and Monica have both remained faithful, they each admit to having very active fantasy lives. Monica relishes the thought of revenging herself on Lenny should he ever stray and Sam hints at the sterility in his marriage to Barb, who refuses even to consider the possibility of his cheating. While Sam and Monica profess to be very satisfied in their choice of spouses Barb and Lenny, commenting from the sidelines, know better. And they fear this discussion is leading Sam and Monica into dangerous waters. Temporarily alone, Monica pours out her feelings for Sam. When he returns, Sam confronts her about the emptiness he detects in her marriage admitting he feels the same void in his own marriage. Still protesting their faithfulness, Monica and Sam visualise their diamond wedding anniversaries, while Barb and Lenny, as two doddering ancients, emerge to perform a geriatric song and dance. But self-restraint cannot continue much longer. Sam and Monica kiss spontaneously and passionately, and Sam gently entreats her to consider an affair. Realising that they must seize the moment the two drive off to Montauk - only to return guiltridden in a matter of minutes. Fearing their friendship will never again be the same, Monica insists they call a halt to their fantasies. But Sam demurs. He can not face living in a world without his Romantic Notions a sentiment in which all three others join - even while expressing their resignation to accepting life as it is. Stanley Green - (Author, Broadway Musicals Show By Show) SYNOPSIS OF SCENES AND MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT 1: THE LITTLE COMEDY - Based on the short story by Arthur Schnitzler (as translated by George Edward Reynolds). CAST: Alfred von Wilmers; Josefine Weninger; Him; Her The action takes place in Vienna at the turn of the century. Musical Numbers Act 1 The Little Comedy - Alfred, Josefine Goodbye, Emil - Josefine It's Not Too Late - Alfred, Josefine Great News - Alfred, Josefine Oh, What a Performance! - Alfred, Josefine I'll Always Remember the Song - Alfred, Josefine Happy, Happy, Happy - Alfred Women of Vienna - Alfred Yes, It's Love - Josefine A Rustic Country Inn - Alfred, Josefine The Night It Had to End - Josefine The Little Comedy (Finale) - Alfred, Josefine ACT 2: SUMMER SHARE Based on the play Pain de Ménage by Jules Renard (as translated by Max Gulack). CAST: Lenny; Barb; Sam; Monica The action takes place in the Hamptons during August of the current year.