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waste disposal unit. Using his space-age technology, Frank restrains the rest with a flick of a switch which roots them to the ground. He releases them but Riff-Raff sprays them with a drug in preparation for what Frank calls 'the floor-show'. One by one the cast come on, dressed in black fishnets and suspenders. But Riff-Raff has had enough. Dressed in extra-terrestrial costume, he and Magenta take over. Then Riff-Raff tells Frank he isn't coming back to the planet Transexual in the galaxy Transylvania and produces a ray gun. which he aims and fires at Frank. But Columbia throws herself in the way to little avail. Both she and Frank are blasted to death. Brad, Janet and Scott escape, while Riff-Raff and Magenta climb onto the lab bed and activate the transit crystal. They disappear leaving the rest of the cast to comment. The curtain finally closes. Magenta, as the usherette, ends the show with a reprise of the first song, before the whole cast join her once more. MUSICAL NUMBERS: Science Fiction, Super Heroes - Magenta (as the Usherette) Damn It, Janet - Brad and Janet Over At the Frankenstein Place - Brad, Janet, Riff-Raff & Company Sweet Transvestite - Frank, Brad & Company Time Warp - Riff-Raff, Magenta, Columbia and narrator The Sword of Damocles - Rocky and company Hot Patootie (Bless My Soul) - Eddie & Company Eddie's Teddy - Dr Scott Touch a Touch Me - Janet & Rocky Once In A While - Brad Rose Tint My World (Floor Show) - Company I'm Going Home - Frank & Company Superheroes - Brad, Janet and Narrator Science Fiction - Double Feature (reprise) - Magenta & Company CAST: Narrator Brad Majors - healthy young male Janet Weiss - his healthy young fiancée Riff-Raff - the Butler Magenta - his incestuous sister Columbia - a groupie Eddie - fifties rocker-monster Rocky Horror - the current experiment Frank-n-Furter - all-purpose villain Dr Everett Scott - Brad's tutor DISCOGRAPHY The Rocky Horror Show (Original Cast Recording)