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ROCK TOYZ By Greg Snape SYNOPSIS: In the big house at the top of the hill there's something very strange going on. It's way past bed time and a little girls toys have come to life, complete with their own rock'n'roll soundtrack! - Reality has ceased, the Party has begun! All is,"Tip o' the Mark" and "Hip to that Chart" until a new Toy arrives, then the action starts! Rock Toyz blends the traditional pantomime story of Cinderella with the vibrant dance and energetic music of contemporary stage classics like Grease. It's Panto-With-Attitude about what happens when the Toyz from the attic meet the Ratz from the cellar, with love, leather jackets, cartoon comedy, and 150 metres of ribbon thrown in! What more can we say?? Genre: Pantomime/Musical Performers age range: 8 to 21 years Total no. of characters: 26 Doubling: No Male-only characters: - Female-only characters: 8 SET/TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Staging for this show is very flexible. It works equally well on a large or small scale. The costumes are important though as they go a long way towards defining the very colourful characters for the audience. Comments: Although a number of the characters in this production are specified as being male it does lend itself very well to being performed by an all female cast. There are 26 speaking parts of various sizes together with two chorus groups which are flexible in numbers and feature heavily in the show. It can make an excellent dance school production. Available Published Materials: These are currently developing all the time so please see our website for full details of what is currently available. Needless to say script, vocal demos, and full show backing tracks are part of the basic package for this production. Publisher: Greg Snape Tel/Fax: 01773 607983 Email: Website: