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16. DUET (Elizabeth and Browning) … "In A Simple Way" 17. DUET (Elizabeth and Browning) … "I Know Now" 17a - ACT I. CURTAIN ACT II 18. SOLILOQUY (Elizabeth) 19. SEXTET (George, Charles, Henry, Alfred, Septimus and Octavius) … "Pass The Eau-de-Cologne" 20. SONG (Bella) … "What's Natural" 21. SONG (Barrett and the Brothers) … "I'mThe Master Here" 22. CREMORNE QUADRILLE 23. SONG (Browning and Chorus) … "Escape Me Never" 24. DUET (Henrietta and Captain Cook) … "Hate Me, Please" 25. DUET (Browning, Cook and Ensemble) … "Under A Spell" 26. CONCERTED NUMBER (The Family and Wilson) … "The Girls That Boys Dream About" . 27. SCENE CHANGE (11-12) 28. SONG (Barrett) … "What The World Calls Love" 28a - SONG (Elizabeth) … "Woman And Man" 28b - SCENE CHANGE (12-13) 29. SONG (Browning) … "Frustration" 29a - REPRISE (Wilson and Captain Cook) … "Frustration" 29b - MELOS 29e - MELOS 30. REPRISE (Elizabeth, Browning and Ensemble) … "I Know Now" 31. CURTAIN CALLS 32. FINALE INSTRUMENTATION Lead violin, 1st violin, 2nd violin, viola, cello bass, flutes I-II, clarinet I, bass clarinet, clarinet II/tenor sax, horns III, trumpet, trombone, percussion, harp, organ. CASTING - 40 roles, 4 principals, plus large singing and dancing chorus. • Edward Moulton-Barrett, stern actor who sings. • Elizabeth, excellent actress with lilting singing voice. • Robert Browning, winning, energetic actor with excellent singing voice, minor dance. • Henrietta, actress who sings. • Cook, straight-man actor who sings. • Seven other younger brothers and sisters with support roles, sing and dance. • Dr. Chambers, character actor. Singing Principal • Elizabeth. • Henrietta and Arabel, her sisters. • Bella, their cousin. • Wilson, Elizabeth's maid. • Robert Browning. • Edward Moulton-Barrett. • George, Alfred Henry, Charles Septimus and Octavius, his sons. • Captain Surtees Cook, in love with Henrietta. • Doctor Chambers. Smaller Roles • Mrs Butler, an actress. • Lady Mary and Lady Sarah, friends of Browning. • Evans, Browning's manservant. • Mr Macready, the actormanager • Mr Harrison and Mr Langton, members of his company. • Henry Bevan, Bella's fiancé • Travers, the gardener For the Chorus Above-average opportunities for the creation of individual characterisations. A highly intelligent score, very much in the modem idiom, calls for precise preparation if its highly rewarding potential is to be realized. The chorus appear as passers-by in a moodsetting opening sequence, as visitors to the garden of 50 Wimpole Street, as theatre staff and members of Macready's stage company, guests at the Cremorne Gardens fancydress ball, passengers at Vauxhall station, and the crowd at Florence Station.