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to conceding when Pap and the Ikes burst in to rescue him. Now Texas is back to his ornery, lawless self. As he makes his escape he runs smack into Hattie and Buzzey. Texas and Hannie restate their mutual distaste (“Through With You” Reprise) ending up with Hattie socking Texas in the jaw and dragging Buzzey off to find a preacher. ACT II Uncle Billy speaks out to the audience and introduces the band members one by one. He then draws us back into the story (“Back To The Story”) where Buzzey’s dressing in new duds for his wedding to Hannie (“Personality Plus”). Meanwhile, Texas sits chained in jail. Neb taunts him about being clobbered by a woman. Texas feels defeated. He has big dreams for freedom which he’s only brave enough to feel when he’s drunk. (“Another Drunken Cowboy”). Pap arrives to tell Texas that Hannie is marrying Buzzey. Neither wants this to happen but neither can stop it. Pap tells Texas of his happy days with Hannie’s mother when they traveled together in the covered wagon (“The Way It Should Be”). He inspires Texas to throw away his whisky bottle and reclaim Hannie. Texas breaks his chains and busts out of jail. The Ikes command the stage to express Texas’ revelation of feeling (“My Little Prairie Flower”) and lead us to Hannie, in a foul mood, wanting to pack up the wagon and leave. The Ikes remind her she’s completely forgotten about her impending marriage to Buzzey. In fact – she’s not too happy with men in general (“All Men Are Crazy”). She sends the Ikes to find Pap. Texas arrives. He expounds that they are two of a kind and belong together (“Ain’t No Womern But You”). They have a fiery battle of words ending with a kiss of passion. Pap interrupts them with news that the Marshall, Buzzey and the townspeople are on their way to arrest Texas. Texas wants Pap and Hannie to leave and find safety, but Hannie won’t leave without her man. The Marshall arrives, ready to hang Texas on the spot. For his “last words,” Texas tells the tale of his miraculous origins (“Borned in Texas”) and shows the Marshall and the townspeople that he is made of the same stuff as they are (“Wild And Reckless”). The Marshall is convinced not only to set Texas free but to marry he and Hannie. Hannie rushes to change, Pap cleans up Texas for his wedding and the Marshall and townspeople celebrate the couple leaving town (“Peaceful Little Town” Reprise). Texas and Hannie are joined in matrimony (“The Way it Should Be” Reprise) and Uncle Billy/Pap bids farewell to the audience (“Roadside” Reprise). MUSICAL NUMBERS Overture - Orchestra Uncle Billy's Travellin' Family Show - All Roadside - Pap, Buzzey, Hannie, The Ikes Here Am I - Hannie I Don't Want To Bother Nobody - Texas, Pap Smellamagoody Perfume - Hannie, Texas, Buzzey Lookin' at the Moon - The Ikes I'mThrough With You - Hannie, Texas Peaceful Little Town - Neb, Miz Foster I Toe The Line - Marshal, Texas, Neb, Miz Foster Back to Our Story - Pap, The Ikes Personality Plus - Buzzey Another Drunken Cowboy - Texas, Pap The Way It Should Be - Pap My Little Prairie Flower - The Ikes All Men Is Crazy - Hannie Ain't No Womern But You - Texas, Hannie Borned - Texas Wild & Reckless - Texas & All CAST PAP RAIDER AMOS K. (Buzzey) HALE HANNIE RAIDER RED IKE BLACK IKE TEXAS THE VERDIGREE MARSHAL NEB The Jailer MIZ FOSTER