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MUSICAL NUMBERS Act 1 1. Music Under Sentence of Judge 2. Botany Bay 3. The Ballad of Joe Cooper 4. Now Ain't That a Blooming Shame? 5. There'll Come a Day 6. Banquet Scene 7. Have the Guided Tour, Sir 8. Roll Up 9. When We Hear That Final Trumpet 10. Deep Below the City Streets 11. Cholery 12. Up and Be Doing / Jesus Bids Us Shine 13. "Be Up and Be Doing" 14. There's a Friend for Little Children 15. Work, Boys, Work Act 2 16. London Town 17. London Town - Reprise 18. There's a Friend for Little Children - Reprise 19. Work, Boys, Work - Reprise 20. Here's to the Bootblacks 21. Australia 22. The Nightmare 23. Home Sweet Home 24. The Ballad of Joe Cooper - Reprise 25. The Voyage INSTRUMENTATION: Pit Band (can be replaced by 1 keyboard player): clarinet db. bass clarinet, 2 horns, 2 percussion, piano db. harmonium, bass. Stage Band: flute, clarinet, cornet, trombone, percussion, violin Recording: CD available on sale from Josef Weinberger