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RIVERWIND (Book, Music, Lyrics by John Jennings) Actor's Playhouse Off-Broadway - 11 December, 1962 (443 perfs) SYNOPSIS Riverwind is a run-down resort on Indiana's Wabash River run by Leona Farrell and her daughter, Jenny. The hired boy, John, is shy about his love for Jenny, and she is upset at his lack of attention. Annual guests to the resort are Burt and Virginia kookie lovers with an understanding about being unmarried. New guests are Dr. Fred Sumner and his too-longmarried wife, Louise. rw They spent their wedding night here 17 years ago and Louise wants to see if a visit can rekindle their love. Their unhappiness is easily apparent. To Fred, Riverwind is just some rundown river cabins, until he spots Jenny. In pursuing his interest in her he discovers himself describing Jenny as he did Louise those many years ago. Spurred by competition, John finds the words to express his love to Jenny. The spirit of people finding themselves spreads to Burt and Virginia. He asks her to marry him, an event for which Virginia has waited seven years, but she turns him down in favour of the current, unmarried faith in each other. The next morning the Sumners have resolved the chasm between them. In a way, Louise's plan has worked. Only her method has failed. And when it did, Leona's philosophy and Riverwind were there to fill the gap. STORY: Act I Riverwind is a "tourist rest" in Indiana. We see a small rustic summer cabin perched several feet above the ground supported by poles. A warm country charm is immediately apparent despite the years of neglect. On one side of the stage - the interior of one of the cabins. The audience represents the Wabash River. It is a late summer afternoon. We discover Jenny Farrell, an attractive youngster under eighteen sitting on the steps, a basket of beans by her side. She is thumbing through a copy of Photoplay Magazine - posing glamorously. On the opposite side are Virginia and Burt, two intellectuals in their early thirties. Virginia is reading, and Burt is thumbing through his dissertation. The two are arguing as Burt attempts to concentrate on his dissertation and Virginia bothers him by rambling on asking questions. Something appears to be a bit odd about their relationship. Mrs. Farrell, proprietress of Riverwind, enters carrying some lemonade. She asks her daughter, Jenny, to finish breaking the beans, and Jenny quickly rises to the task. John Stone, a very shy young man just under eighteen who works at Riverwind, enters carrying several catfish on a line. Mrs. Farrell tells him to ask Virginia and Burt (the guests) if they want some lemonade. He does, and they accept. John then goes over to Jenny and tells her that Jean Robbins said Jenny was the most arrogant girl she'd ever seen in her life. Jenny gets upset when she finds out that John didn't disagree with Jean. In reality, he didn't say anything because he never says anything at all. She shoves a plate of beans at John and tells him to work while she reads her Photoplay. He breaks the beans and laments why it is he can't tell Jenny he's crazy about her. ("I Can Not Tell Her So") Burt and Virginia talk some more, and it's obvious that they are more apart emotionally than together. She's wrapped up in getting a good role in their community theater production back home while he's still working on his doctoral dissertation of Beowulf. He's been doing this for the last seven years. Things were so much easier when they met seven years ago. On the other side, John finally tries to talk with Jenny. During their conversation, she tries to get him stirred up. All Jenny really wants is some excitement - something she hasn't ever found around Riverwind. ("I Want A Surprise")