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RIO RITA A Romantic Musical Comedy. Book by Guy Bolton and Fred Thompson: Lyrics by Joseph McCarthy: Music by Harry Tierney Ziegfeld Theatre - 2 February, 1927 (494 perfs) Prince Edward Theatre, London - 3 April, 1930 (59 perfs) SYNOPSIS The Texas Rangers are hunting a notorious bandit known only as the Kinkajou. The Rangers are lead by a handsome macho-man, Jim. Jim loves Rio Rita but General Esteban, who also loves her, persuades Rita that Jim courts her because he believes that the man they are looking is her brother. Only when Jim arrests Esteban as the real villain can he and Rita hope for happiness. Cast in order of appearance: (Original London production.) SERGEANT MCGINN of theTexas Rangers - ALFRED ATKINS CORPORAL WILKINS of theTexas Rangers - J CARL SCHAEFER PADRONE- VICTOR EYNSFORD CARMEN - MAUD ZIMBLA EDWARD LOVETT (a Lawyer) - GEORGE GEE DAVALOS (a Bandit) - ERIC NOELS ROBERTO FERGUSON (Rita's Brother) - ARTHUR GOMEZ GENERAL ROMERO JOSELITO ESTEBAN - BERNARD NEDELL LOLITA - VERA FABRÉ RIO RITA - EDITH DAY SANTIAGO (a Street Musician) - MARIO DE PIETRO CHICK BEAN - LESLIE SARONY DOLLY - RITA PAGE JIM - GEOFFREY GWYTHER CAPTAIN GONZALEZ - ALAN MOUNTFORD KATIE BEAN (Chick's First Wife) - MARGARET CAMPBELL Chorus of Rangers, Mexicans, Officers, Serenaders, Cabaret Girls and Ladies of the Ensemble. Musical Numbers: OVERTURE Act I OPENING CHORUS COMPANY & DANCING GIRLS SONG - The Best Little Lover in Town - LOVETT & CHORUS OF GIRLS AIR Sweetheart - RITA & CHORUS OF GIRLS SONG - River Song - RITA DANCE - Eight Little Gringos - GRINGO GIRLS DUET - Are You There? - DOLLY & CHICK DUET - Rio Rita - RITA & JIM CHORUS - Rangers' Chorus SONG - March of the Rangers - JIM & RANGERS SONG - Spanish Shawl (Beneath the Silken Shawl) - CARMEN & SERENADERS DANCE & CHORUS - The Charra Dance