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"widow" tries to raise her daughter and deal with her own deep emotional needs while Angel in her room hears her mother and the men in the night. Recalling this part of the past is painful for both of them. They retreat: Angel for some ocean air, Anna to finish packing. The Wreckers, meanwhile, frustrated that their work is on hold, find old roller skates and comically skate round and round the rink. When Anna and Angel return, Angel remembers the events of her senior class spring prom. Anna had donated the Rink and gives her shy teenage daughter some pointers about boys and a dance lesson . It's a warm moment. But that is the night old Uncle Fausto, drunk and abusive, tells Angel her father is alive. Humiliated, hurt and traumatised, she packs her bags. It is the 60s and she sings of her journey to the West Coast and her own experience among the flower-power hippie movement. Anna is stunned, saddened by these revelations. The door opens and a young girl enters. It is Angel's daughter. Like her mother, Angel raised this child by herself. She named her Anna. It is now or never. Anna begs Angel to forgive her. With great difficulty they say "I love you." Forgiveness frees them. As Mother and Daughter embrace, the past and the Rink are lifted up and away. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Coloured Lights - Angel - "I was sitting on a sand-dune in Santa Cruz" 1a - Underscore - "Coloured Lights" 1b - Wreckers' Entrance 2. Chief Cook and Bottle Washer - Anna - "When I sit and remember the past" 2a - Angel's Entrance 3. Don't Ah Ma Me - Anna and Angel - "If the earth had opened up" 4. Blue Crystal - Dino - "Was it three days? Only three days?" 4a - Music Cue - Blue Crystal/Korea 5. Familiar Things - Angel - "Under the roller coaster next to the jungle ride" 5a - Blue Crystal Underscore 6. Not Enough Magic - Dino, Angel, Anna, Sugar, Hiram, Tom, Lenny, & Dino's father - "There's not enough magic, not enough sparkle" 7. We Can Make It Happen - Anna - "People may hurt us, we can take it" 8. After All These Years - The Wreckers - "Gee! It's good to see you after all these years" 9. Angel's Rink and Social Centre - Anna and the Wreckers - "I got plans, ma, lots of plans" 10. What Happened To the Old Days? - Anna, Mrs Silverman and Mrs Jackson - "What happened to the old boardwalk?" 10a - Finale Act I - Colored Lights (Reprise) - Angel- "Beads and bleachers and coloured lights" 11. The Apple Doesn't Fall - Angel and Anna - "I hate Uncle Fausto, God, me too!" 12. Marry Me - Lenny - "Good Old Lenny" 12a - Arnie's Underscore 12b - Underscore - Blue Crystal/Korea 13. We Can Make It (Reprise) - Anna - "People may hurt us we can take it" 13a - Quintet Part I/Part II - Mrs A. - Anna, Angel, Lenny & Suitors 14. The Rink - The Wreckers - "I planned on taking Polly to the picture show" 15. Wallflower Part I - Anna and Angel - "Never be a wallflower sitting on a chair" 15a - Wallflower Part II - Anna and Angel - "You've got to stand, Baby" 15b - The Prom 16. All The Children In a Row - Angel and Danny - "All the children in a row leaving home behind" 16a - Music Cue - Garage Door 17. Finale Act II (Coda) - "Here's to the Rink" 18. Bows 19. Final Exit