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The King is dead. Elizabeth and Edward are in the throne room alone with the body of Henry VIII. She tells her young brother he must show himself to his people, that the throne is only a chair, with no danger in it, then sits on it to prove her point. As other members of the court enter, Elizabeth straightens the crown on Edward's head. Will adds his encouragement: Majesty, England is waiting. Mary and Queen Catherine lead him toward the cheering crowd. Elizabeth remains on the throne and looks down upon her father's bier. Will and Comus, awed by the vision of her natural majesty, bow deeply to her. She is lost in her thoughts - a young queen frozen in time. Finale (Te Deum) - Mort Goode MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Overture & Te Deum - Chorus 2. No Song More Pleasing - Smeaton & Henry 3. The Field of Cloth of Gold - Company 4. Where Is My Son? - Henry 5. As Once I Loved You - Queen Catherine of England 6. The Chase - Comus, Will, Smeaton & Gentlemen of the Court 7. Away from You - Henry & Anne 8. Elizabeth - Smeaton, Lady Margaret & Lady-in-Waiting 9. Why? - Henry 10. So Much You Loved Me - Anne 11. Christmas at Hampton Court Elizabeth, Edward & Mary 12. The Wee Golden Warrior - Will, Edward, Elizabeth, Mary, Ladies & Gentlemen of the Court 13. From Afar - Henry 14. In Time - Elizabeth 15. Finale (Te Deum) - Company CAST - (In order of appearance) • Norfolk • Cardinal Wolsey • Will Somers • Henry VIII, King of England • Mark Smeaton • Princess Mary • Queen Catherine of England • Lady Jane Seymour • Francis, King of France • English Herald • French Herald • Queen Claude of France • Anne Boleyn • Princess Elizabeth • Dauphin • Comus • First Guard • Lady Margaret • Lady-in-Waiting • Young Princess Elizabeth • Nurse • Second Guard • Thomas Cromwell • Catherine Howard • Prince Edward • Queen Katherine Parr of England Ladies & Gentlemen of the Court; Sword and Morris Dancers DISCOGRAPHY Original Cast Recording - RCA 09026-68933-2