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X Factor and drinks. He collapses. A beep appears upon the screen. It is the Science Officer. Another beep is heard, a dreadful monster comes into view - a monster of the mind but tangible created from Prospero's drugged brain. The air-lock opens to admit Gloria pursued by the monster. Act 2 The fight continues and Gloria is rescued by Ariel who blows fire at the monster which explodes and vanishes. The Science Officer is brought face to face with Prospero, her husband. Prospero confronts her with the enormity of her crime and the destruction of a force which could have rid mankind of conflict, famine and disease. Tempest orders her to be relieved from duty. All are distracted by the Navigational Officer's report of damage to the craft sustained in the attack. Gloria is left in the custody of Cookie. Seeing a chance to change her fortunes she promises Cookie that she will show him how to win her daughter's love. He must obtain the secret X Formula. Meanwhile as Cookie consults the Science Officer about love, Captain Tempest seeks Bosun’s advice. Prospero comes up with the solution to the damaged spacecraft. The crew and passengers undergo reverse polarity procedure. Gloria alone, is tortured by the complexity of her feelings for Prospero, the man she loves but has pledged to destroy. Ariel enters having repaired the damage to the ship. As he talks to Tempest a sexy vamp appears, to Tempest's horror it is Miranda. Advising her to buy a jar of cleansing cream he exits. Heartbroken Miranda confesses to Ariel that she had thought that as she could not attract the captain with her youthful charms she should try a more obvious approach. Ariel consoles her, comforted Miranda says what she really needs is a Robot man. Cookie enters with the stolen X Factor, he is aghast to see Miranda now kissing Ariel and attacks him. At the end of the fight Ariel has the formula which he eats. The bleeper goes, the monster is heard returning. Gloria enters and confronts Prospero. She tells him he is a man of sin whose force for good has become a force for evil as Prospero's genius brain has created an uncontrollable monster from the Id, man's own subconscious mind. Forced to recognise the truth of her statement. Recognising the real motive for Gloria's behaviour Prospero, in a heroic gesture of love and sacrifice, goes off to commit galactic suicide. The crew prepares for take off. Miranda is comforted by Tempest who declares his love for her. As the craft takes off there is a tremendous rumble as the planet below them begins to disintegrate. Ariel explains that just as Prospero could create monsters he could also create great beauty as in D'illyria. With his suicide the Planet created from his imagination must also cease to be. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS • Captain Tempest - a Starship Captain, square-jaed, Boys' Own Paper hero and pipe smoker • Dr. Prospero - a mad scientist marooned for 15 years of the planet Illyria • Ariel - a hip robot • Cookie - the ship's cook and a hopelss romantic • Science Officer - a woman with a mysterious past • Bosun Arras - one of the all-round good guys • Navigation Officer - Prone to panic during inter-galactoc emergencies • Miranda - Prospero's daughter, would be school queen and virgin • Ensign Jock E. Schwartz - Friend to Cookie • Newsreader - (on a video screen) • Chorus