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watch Mimi die. Mimi appears and lets Roger off the hook, insisting that she has just come to say goodbye. Roger leaves for Santa Fé and Mimi begs Mark for help. Benny turns up and offers to pay for Mimi's drug rehabilitation but she refuses and instead runs away. When Benny covers the cost of Angel's funeral, he and Collins warm to each other and head off to get drunk as Mark prepares for his meeting with Alexi. Mark questions the choice he is about to make and the world in which he lives. His thoughts are echoed by Roger on his way to Santa Fé. They both remember the beauty of last Christmas Eve, when they felt connected, and their friends were a family. Roger begins to discover his song. Mark turns down the TV tabloid job to finish his film. Roger, Mark, Mimi and Joanne's parents all wonder where their children are as the holidays approach. Another Christmas Eve. Mark has pieced together a rough cut of his film, which he hopes to screen tonight. Roger has moved back into the loft and has finished his song. No-one has been able to find Mimi. The power blows again but the night is brightened by the arrival of Collins. Then Maureen and Joanne appear on the sidewalk below carrying a desperately ill Mimi. Laid out in the loft, Mimi finally manages to tell Roger that she loves him. Begging her not to leave him, Roger sings his "one song" for her. "I have always loved you," Roger whispers, then cries out her name as Mimi slips away. Moments later, however, she returns, with stories of a warm white light and Angel steering her back to life. Celebrating the wonder of life's terrible uncertainty, the community re-affirms love as the strongest force we know, acknowledging there is always, "No day but today." CAST - (in order of appearance): Roger Davis Mark Cohen Tom Collins Benjamin Coffin III Joanne Jefferson Angel Schunard Mimi Marquez Maureen Johnson Mark's Mom Alison Christmas caroller Mr. Jefferson, a pastor, Mrs. Jefferson A woman with bags, Gordon Mr. Grey Man with squeegee a waiter, Paul, a cop, Alexi Darling Roger's mom MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I 1. Tune Up/Voice Mail #1 - Mark, Roger, Mark's Mom, Tom, Benjamin Rent Company 2. You Okay Honey? - Angel, Tom 3. One Song Glory - Roger 4. Light My Candle - Roger, Mimi 5. (Voice Mail #2) 6. Today 4 U - Angel 7. You'll See - Benjamin, Mark, Tom, Roger, Angel 8. Tango: Maureen - Mark, Joanne 9. Life Support - Paul, Gordon, Company 10. Out Tonight - Mimi 11. Another Day - Roger, Mimi, Company 12. Will I? - Company 13. On the Street - Company 14. Santa Fe - Tom, Company