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MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. The Simpson Sisters - Singers, Dancers 2. The Right Finger of My Left Hand - Essie Wimple 3. Just For Once - Essie Wimple, Tom Baxter, George Poppett 4. (I Feel) Merely Marvelous - Essie Wimple 5. The Uncle Sam Rag - George Poppett, Singers, Dancers 6. Erbie Fitch's Twitch - Essie Wimple 7. Behave Yourself - Essie Wimple, Maude Simpson, Sarah Simpson, Tom Baxter 8. Look Who's in Love - Essie Wimple, Tom Baxter 9. My Girl Is Just Enough Woman for Me - Tom Baxter, Passers-by 10. Essie's Vision - Essie Wimple, Her Dream People 11. Two Faces in the Dark - Essie Wimple, Tenor, Singers, Dancers 12. I'm Back in Circulation - Tom Baxter 13. We Loves Ya, Jimey - Essie Wimple, May, Shirley de Burgh, Ensemble 14. Pick-Pocket Tango - Essie Wimple, Inez (the Blonde) 15. Look Who's in Love (reprise) - Tom Baxter 16. I'll Try - Essie Wimple, Tom Baxter 17. (The Chase)/Finale - Essie Wimple, Tom Baxter, Company INSTRUMENTATION Violin A-B-C, viola, cello, bass, flute (pic, clar, alto sax), clar (alto sax), clar (oboe, Eng. horn, tenor sax), clar (flute, tenor sax), bari sax (bass clar, bassoon), trumpet I-II, III, trombone I, II, horn, guitar, harp, percussion, piano/conductor. CASTING - 16 parts, 7 principals. • Essie, excellent dancer who sings. • Tom, actor with good voice, minor dancing. • George, character song-and-dance man. • Maude and Sarah Simpson, character women who sing. • Inspector White, character man, straight role. • Jailer, featured dancer. • Separate singing and dancing ensembles. Several good dancers required. Strong choral work. Total cast, 35-45. CHOREOGRAPHY Modern, parade (ragtime), soft shoe, modern ballet, "Pickpocket Tango"' (bordering on an apache). LIGHTING AND SPECIAL EFFECTS Mysterious, dramatic lighting required for several effects. Makeup for the killer is critical.